Essential Homes, Venice, Italy

義大利威尼斯 基本住宅研究項目

Norman Foster Foundation | 諾曼.福斯特基金會

The Essential Homes Research Project by the Norman Foster Foundation and Holcim was inaugurated in Venice at the occasion of 2023 Biennale of Architecture launch. In this partnership the Norman Foster Foundation designed the housing concept to meet essential human needs, providing safety, comfort and wellbeing for people in displacement, who can live in temporary settlements for decades.



Highly sustainable, this home has a 70% lower CO2 footprint compared to traditional structures. It includes a range of Holcim sustainable building solutions making it lowcarbon, energy-efficient and circular. It is made of: Low-carbon rollable concrete sheets serving as an external shell, providing physical safety. Permeable pathways made of ECOPact low-carbon concrete connecting the homes, including light-absorbing aggregates reflecting natural light at night, reducing energy use and light pollution. Energy-efficient insulation systems from Elevate boards to low-carbon Airium foam to ensure thermal and acoustic comfort. Driving circular construction, Holcim’s ECOCycleR, recycled construction demolition materials are used to make the base of the Essential Home more weather resilient. Circular by design with modular units, at the end of use, each component of the Essential Homes model can be reused or recycled.



此項目採用霍爾希姆集團系列的永續建築解決方案,以實現低碳、節能和循環利用。因此,與傳統建築相比,該住宅的二氧化碳排放量降低了百分之七十,具有高度可持續性。綜觀整體材料,低碳軋製混凝土板作為外牆,提供人身安全;低碳混凝土製成的透水鋪面步道,可將各個住宅單元連接起來,其中可在夜間反射自然光源的吸光骨料,能有效減少能源消耗和光污染;從 Elevate 板到低碳 Airium 泡沫材的節能保溫系統,則確保溫度和聲學的舒適度。來自霍爾希姆集團的 ECOCycleR 循環型建築拆卸材料,使基本住宅的基座更耐用,從而推動循環型建築的發展,並透過模組化單元的循環設計,讓基本住宅的每個組件皆可重複使用或回收。


Principal Architects:Norman Foster.Diego López Urruchi.Alberto Cendoya

Structural Engineering:Empty and BAU

Contractor:Empty and BAU

Character of Space:Residence

Building Area:54 ㎡

Principal Materials:Cement.Timber.Thermal insulation

Principal Structure:Corrugated cement impregnated fabric

Location:Venice, Italy

Photos:Pablo Gómez-Ogando.Carlos Cubillo

Text:Norman Foster Foundation

Interview:Angel Chi

主要建築師:諾曼.福斯特 迪亞哥.羅培茲.烏魯奇 阿爾伯特.森多亞

結構工程:Empty and BAU

施工單位:Empty and BAU






影像:巴勃羅.戈麥斯.歐岡多 卡洛斯.庫比洛



Norman Foster Foundation | 諾曼.福斯特基金會
The Norman Foster Foundation promotes interdisciplinary thinking and research to help new generations of architects, designers and urbanists anticipate the future. The Foundation believes in the importance of connecting architecture, design, technology and the arts to better serve society, and in the value of a holistic education that encourages experimentation through research and projects. The Norman Foster Foundation holds the Norman Foster Archive and Library, which provide a window into the larger narrative and history of our built environment through the work of Norman Foster. The Norman Foster Foundation is based in Madrid and operates globally.