Zaha Hadid Architects x iSiMAR 精緻戶外單椅系列 

TOPOS 是一系列戶外設計家具,其頌揚地中海生活,並將 Zaha Hadid Architects 的設計專業知識與 iSiMAR 對材料的豐富理解相互結合。“TOPOS” 是以希臘語「地方」一詞命名,其濃縮了與家人和朋友在海邊、泳池旁或鬆樹蔭下閒逛的美好時光。將從這些戶外生活的珍貴記憶中所汲取的精髓加入這次獨特的家具設計中。


TOPOS is a collection of outdoor furniture that celebrates Mediterranean living and unites Zaha Hadid Architects’ design expertise with iSiMAR’s experienced understanding of materials. Named after the Greek word for place, the TOPOS collection encapsulates time with family and friends lounging by the sea, beside a swimming pool, or under a canopy of pine trees. The essence of these precious memories living outdoors are captured in a unique furniture design.


TOPOS 系列以地形的地理概念為基礎,將地圖上的等高線轉化為工業設計,不僅描繪了地中海的風景,還展現了其豐富的生活品質。正如地圖上的等高線所描繪的是山谷和丘陵,該系列的設計透過對材料的有效利用,描繪出梯度的變化。

本系列採用耐用性高的鍍鋅鋼製成,可確保在腐蝕性戶外環境中的使用壽命。鋼材為 100% 回收利用,且每件零件的零件皆可回收再利用或在達到使用壽命後回收。為了支援社區並減少中間運輸的碳排放,iSiMAR 僅從當地的再生鋼材供應商購買材料。


Informed by the geographical concept of topography, the TOPOS collection translates contour lines from maps into industrial design, depicting not only the Mediterranean landscapes but also the rich quality of life they offer. As contour lines on maps depict valleys and hills, the collection’s design maps changes in gradient through its efficient use of materials.

Ensuring longevity in corrosive outdoor environments, TOPOS is crafted in galvanised steel chosen for its durability. The steel is 100% recycled and the components of each piece can be recovered and repurposed or recycled after reaching the end of its service life. Supporting their community and reducing the carbon emissions of transportation, iSiMAR source only from local suppliers of recycled steel.

TOPOS 系列的輪廓適合每個獨特的用戶,其人體工學、材質和結構定義了個人舒適度、材料彈性和幾何表達之間的最佳平衡。


With its contours adapting to each unique user, the TOPOS collection is defined by ergonomics, materiality and structure in the finest balance between personal comfort, material resilience and geometric expression.

設計團隊:Jim Heverin, Victor Orive, Javier Rueda, Man Jia, Nelly Huang

資料提供:Zaha Hadid Architects