Canyon 5, Los Angeles, USA

美國加利福尼亞 五號峽谷

Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects

Conceived by smart growth proponents as a viable solution to Los Angeles' tight housing market, the City of Los Angeles adopted the Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance in 2005. The ordinance aimed to encourage the construction of smaller, more affordable infill housing to target first-time home buyers in an increasingly unaffordable market; simultaneously increasing density while maintaining the residential scale of Los Angeles neighborhoods.


2005年,洛杉磯市通過了《小地塊細分條例》(Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance)。該條例旨在鼓勵建造規模更小、價格更低的填充式住宅,以在價格日益難以負擔的市場中滿足首購族的需求,同時在增加密度的同時保持洛杉磯社區的住宅規模。

Located just south of LA’s Beachwood Canyon, our Canyon5 project examines the small lot subdivision typology by taking advantage of its efficiencies of footprint and density while creating unique homes filled with light and air. Starting from the maximum allowable envelope, the single mass is divided by tilting the exterior walls away from the lot lines at different angles to define the individual homes and create opportunities for solar exposure and natural ventilation. From their initial A-frame-like shapes, the volumes are expanded at their centers to maximize usable square footage while maintaining the angular end facades. This injects a sense of the individuality of single-family homes, missing from many small lot subdivision developments.



The curving, almost nautical forms are achieved through angled wall studs and panelized systems: a simple framing strategy. The wood framing is expressed internally so the overall geometry is legible from inside the home. The cedar-clad first floor for the two-car garages provides a material contrast for the light upper units, which are composed with aluminum panels and storefront glazing. These material choices filter natural light into the living areas but maintain privacy, essential when building close to other properties. Replacing the traditional backyard, the design of each house incorporates a roof deck to create access to more outdoor space.




Principal in charge:Lorcan O’Herlihy FAIA

Project Director:Brian Adolph

Project Lead:Noelle White

Project Team:Nick Hopson, Cameron Overy, Chris Gassaway, Leo Yu

Structural Engineering:Amir Pirbadian, Inc

Contractor:Saphire Construction

Character of Space:5 Unit Small Lot Subdivision

Building Area:929 ㎡

Principal Materials:Metal panels·cedar siding on the ground level·aluminum storefront and windows

Principal Structure:Type V. There's also a concrete podium for the cantilever and some steel for a moment frame at the large opening and to back span the cantilever.

Location:Los Angeles, CA,USA

Project Photographer:Here And Now Agency





項目團隊:尼克·霍普森 卡梅倫·奧弗里 克里斯·加薩威 余李歐(譯名)

結構工程:Amir Pirbadian, Inc

施工單位:Saphire Construction


建築面積:929 平方公尺




影像:Here And Now Agency

Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects
LOHA 由美國建築師協會會員 Lorcan O'Herlihy 於 1994 年創立,是一家屢獲殊榮的建築和城市設計公司,擁有 25 位才華橫溢的設計師,在洛杉磯和底特律設有辦事處。在 O'Herlihy 的熱情和創造性願景的推動下,我們共同協作,建立了強大的工作組合,植根於擁抱建築作為變革催化劑的作用。LOHA 有意識地理解建築是在政治、發展、環境和社會結構的分層背景下運作的,力求透過建築環境來提升人類的條件。我們與不同的利害關係人群體合作,提供從藝廊、公車候車亭和大型社區規劃到大型綜合用途開發、支持性住房和大學住宅區的工作。