Cafe Mieum, Incheon, South Korea

韓國仁川 米姆咖啡館 —


It is a bakery cafe located on Mashian Beach, where you can see Silmido Island and the West Sea after passing Incheon International Airport from Yeongjongdo Island. There were already many prominent cafes and famous restaurants on the beach road, so the biggest task was what kind of cafe to be competitive here. Instead of highlighting the general entrance door that is directly visible from the front of the parking lot, we planned to place the experience of passing through the architectural space and make the entrance appear relatively light. To this end, the heavy wall was curved on the ground without pillars, passing through a space that floated tensely and naturally leading to the interior. The two-sided façade, which is made of cantilever structure, looks like a wave or reminds of a white whale.



On a rectangular site, the cafe was arranged in a shape similar to the site, and a garden was placed in the middle. The middle garden does not show the sea directly at the same time as entering and leaving, but at the same time creates unexpected scenes from the exterior. Continuous floor plates applying the concept of architectural trails create various experiences stacked vertically and horizontally with the center in between. Through this, as the eyes cross into each space, the Jungjeong yard, the sky, the sea, and finally, coffee and the scenery of people are connected to form a flowing layer. Instead of showing the building of the sea or cafe at once at the same time as entering, it is a concept that has a twist in enjoying the implemented space itself by connecting it one by one like an onion shell. Although it is an artificial building, nature is contained in the building and permeated with nature, creating a place that works with humans. The sea, the most important natural element of the beach, becomes part of the cafe along with the land, sky, and people, and becomes the background of each other along with the architecture.




Principal Architects:Kim Changkyun.Bae Youngsik.Lee Joeun.Choi Minhee

Character of Space:Commercial

Client:Prima F&B

Total Floor Area:960.84 ㎡

Building Area:588.56 ㎡

Principal Materials:STO

Principal Structure:Reinforced concrete

Location:Incheon, South Korea



Interview:Grace Hung


主要建築師:金昌均 裴英植 李喬恩 崔敏熙


業主:Prima F&B