Centro del Arte Rupestre de Cantabria, Spain

西班牙坎塔布里亞 岩石藝術中心

The Visitor´s Center is located on the hillside of Monte Castillo, within the area of ​​influence of the caves that bear his name and surrounded by the access road to them. The program demanded a relatively large volume, on complex ground and immersed in a landscape of great beauty.


遊客中心位於蒙特卡斯蒂略(Monte Castillo)的山坡上,在以其名字命名的洞穴的範圍內,周圍是通往洞穴的道路。該項目需要一個相對較大的量體建立於複雜的地形上,讓人們沈浸在美麗的風景中。

The program is divided into three separate blocks: reception and service area, exhibition area and restricted area. The three volumes are articulated and arranged around a central courtyard that distributes and connects the different spaces. The resulting volume is a "C" shape facing the natural slope of the plot, which closes the building creating a "green tribune". The mountain becomes a part of the program, the protagonist articulating the building, inviting the visitor to go out and acting as an external space associated with the activities of the center.


該項目分為三個獨立部分:接待和服務區、展覽區和管制區。三個量體圍繞著一個中央庭院,庭院將不同的空間隔開又連接起來。建築量體呈「C 」形,面向地塊的自然坡度,將建築圍合起來形成一個「綠色護欄」。山體也是該項目的一部分,且是銜接建築的主角,它邀請遊客們移步至戶外,並作為與遊客中心活動相關的外部空間。

The building is executed in two different layers. The lower part is resolved with concrete walls in the areas that contain the land, while the façades that overlook the patio and the access area are mainly glazed. On this base sits the stone roof, which sews the three volumes together and folds to become part of the façade, generating a chromatic contrast, scale and texture. The building integrates and interacts with the natural environment around it, creating a relationship with the topography, breaking its volumes to adapt to the environment.



Principal Architects:sukunfuku studio SLP

Structural Engineering:Estática Ingeniería SL

Contractor:Siec SA

Character of Space:Museum · Visitors Center

Building Area:1,678 ㎡

Site Area:10,000 ㎡

Principal Materials:Natural local Limestone · exposed concrete · Anodized aluminium

Principal Structure:Concrete Walls & Foundations · Metal structure

Location:Puente Viesgo, Cantabria, Spain

Project Photographer:Adrià Goula


主要建築師:sukunfuku studio SLP

結構工程:Estática Ingeniería SL

施工單位:Siec SA

空間性質:博物館 · 遊客中心

建築面積:1,678 平方公尺

基地面積:10,000 平方公尺

主要建材:天然石灰石 · 混凝土 · 陽極氧化鋁

主要結構:混凝土牆和地基 · 金屬結構


影像:阿德里亞 · 古拉