Collage City, Beijing, China

中國北京 時尚品牌概念店

F.O.G. Architecture

F.O.G. Architecture used series of geometric shaped, "randomly" positioned mirrors to bring fragments of urban life back into fashion brand SKYPEOPLE’s latest retail shop at Sanlitun Taikoo Li North, Beijing. The Chinese studio started the design process by identifying urban city as the key concept since fashion has increasingly become a reflection of personal expression as well as the cultural evolution and regeneration of urban city. Series of geometric shaped mirrors are randomly positioned at various heights throughout the shop. They add layered visual depths in the space with mirror reflection and the spacial difference between furnitures, creating a visual effect of “fragments” of the city being re-organised and re-configured.


F.O.G. Architecture 建築事務所運用一系列幾何形狀、「隨機」放置的鏡子,將城市生活的片段帶回到時尚品牌 SKYPEOPLE 位於北京三里屯北太古里的最新零售店中。時尚如今日益反映個人自我表達、城市的文化發展及再生,F.O.G. Architecture 開始將城市識別作為設計過程的主要概念。一系列幾何形狀的鏡子被以不同高度隨機放置在商店中,透過鏡面的反射與家具在空間擺放上的差異,提升了視覺上的層次感並營造一種重新組織和配置城市碎片的視覺效果。

The inverted trapezoid structure suspended in the centre of the space is used as a fitting room, with its top connected to the ceiling and a 20-centimetre gap between its bottom and the floor. The blue and purple lights inside the fitting room introduce a futuristic atmosphere of polar regions or outer space. F.O.G. Architecture created a soft and fluffy texture for the surface of the fitting room as if the stitching pattern on a down jacket. The plastic material used for the surface creates a rubber like texture and allows easy clean, echoing the fashion brand’s commitment on both material quality and function. The fitting room also perceived as an abstract form of a skyscraper in response to the overall design concept of “city fragments”. The warm and lightness of the floating structure transformed the usual cold steel skyscraper into an intimate and comforting space.


倒梯形結構的試衣間懸掛在商店中央,頂部與天花板相接,底部與地板間有二十公分的間隔,試衣間內藍色和紫色的燈光營造出極地或外太空的未來感。像羽絨衣上的拼接圖案般,F.O.G. Architecture為試衣間打造了柔軟又膨鬆的質地;表面採用的塑料材質帶來橡膠般質感並易於清潔,呼應時尚品牌對品質和機能的保證。呼應「城市碎片」的整體設計概念,此案的室衣間也被視為是摩天大樓的抽象型態,漂浮結構的溫暖和輕盈將通常冰冷的摩天大樓轉變為親密而舒適的空間。


By moving the fitting room to the centre of the space, F.O.G. Architecture challenged the traditional layout of a fashion boutique with fitting rooms usually hidden in the back, and introduced the fitting room as part of the display. Its soft surface also creates contrast to the hard metal display racks around it. The metal display racks of various forms arranged around the fitting room are either embedded in the wall or suspended from the ceiling with ropes, consistently creating a lightness effect as well as maximising the use of the space. The inventory is stored in dust bags and displayed at the back of the shop, which frees up more space. The blue square hangers are inspired by SKYPEOPLE’s iconic collar design, adding playfulness into the space. At the entrance, an installation of 90 columns made of foam and stainless steel is an abstract interpretation of a “winter park”; Sofas are in the shape of park benches but with soft materials. Soft film light boxes are widely used throughout the space with additional light tubes to create a snow-white atmosphere at the site.


F.O.G. Architecture 挑戰了時尚精品店一般都將試衣間隱藏在店內後方的傳統格局,將試衣間移至中心位置,同時也作為陳設的一部分,其柔軟表面與周圍硬質金屬製展示架形成對比。金屬陳列架或嵌入牆內,或以繩子懸掛於天花板,圍繞著試衣間佈置,帶來風格統一的輕盈感,將空間的利用發揮到最大。庫存商品以防塵袋包裝,陳列在店內後方,為整間店騰出更多空間。靈感來自SKYPEOPLE招牌衣領設計的藍色方型衣架同時增添了空間中的俏皮感。在商店入口處,有著由九十根以泡沫和不銹鋼製成的柱子所組成的裝置,這是對「冬季公園」意象的抽象詮釋;公園長椅形狀的沙發材質柔軟。整個空間廣泛使用軟膜燈箱並外加燈管,營造現場雪白的氛圍。F.O.G. Architecture

Design Team: Zou Dejing, Li Shinan, Jiang Lu, Chen Hanxi, Huang Yingzi, Hou Shaokai, Zhan Di, Zheng Yu

Structure Consultant: Tao Xinwei

Project Size: 200 m²

Project Location: Beijing

Photography: InSpace Architectural Photography

Text: F.O.G. Architecture

Collator:Raffa Chen




空間面積:200 平方公尺



文字:F.O.G. Architecture


F.O.G. Architecture
F.O.G.建築事務所於2018年成⽴於英國倫敦,現已成長為國際化的設計師團隊,在倫敦、上海、重慶三處均設有工作室。 F.O.G. 關注空間背後的運作邏輯,致力於將每⼀次實踐都視為探索事物本質的機會。在⻜速變遷的時代背景下,F.O.G. 試圖去尋找空間所賦予人的潛在而不可名狀的穩定感。透過不斷檢視材料、光線、地形、功用以及文脈所帶來的感官體驗,F.O.G. 希望能以⼀種結構化的⽅式將「體驗「與」感覺「加以固化,直至形式與空間逐漸顯現。

F.O.G. 相信好的空間富有情緒,可以穿透時間的屏障,與人產生連結。