Edition Office

澳洲維多利亞省 霍索恩住宅

Edition Office

Edition Office primary design response for this project was to first recalibrate the entire project site into a large and singular terrace; one grand outdoor theatre for living which peels upwards at each title boundary to form a lush garden backdrop that would appear at every viewpoint from the living areas of the home. Within this garden platform, the house is defined by a pair of heavily textured concrete shrouds, each with its own proportion and personality, linked together by a walkway and courtyard garden.


版本建築事務所(Edition Office)對此案首要的設計想法是將整個場地調整為一個大而奇異的露台,形成一個戶外生活劇場,將每一處建地邊緣掀開,使得居住者從屋內任何角度都能看見背景的蔥鬱花園。在這座花園平台中,房屋部分包含兩棟覆蓋粗糙混凝土幕牆的樓閣,兩間各有不同的的比例和特性,中間以走道和花園相連。

The arched concrete shrouds evolved as a method of structurally supporting the house with its own skin; designed to be understood as protective cloak rather than as signifiers of support. These shrouds provide the framework for how the spaces within the home relate to each other and to the external environment. From the first floor the context appears denied, however these more private bathroom and bedrooms are pulled away from the ends of the solid skin which allows each elevated pavilion to look out through full height glazing onto their own private courtyards full of plants, sky and tree canopy.



 At ground floor within the living room, kitchen and dining room the concrete shells provide clear connectivity with the entire landscape and a sense of unexpected lightness, while carefully concealing the neighbouring context. The ground floor living room and lounge areas in each pavilion are distinct from one another, yet they connect across the central north facing garden and courtyard. In contrast, the more private first floor bedrooms exist as their own elevated islands, the aspect of each being consciously framed around the three grand tree canopies of the site. The rough sawn formwork boards were stripped from the outer concrete walls, cleaned and re-used as the fencing material of the house, so that the entire perimeter of the site is composed of the same textural language and character of the concrete pavilions.



Principal Architects:Kim Bridgland.Aaron Roberts.Jonathan Brener
Structural Engineering:David Farrar
Contractor:Flux Construction
Character of Space:House
Occupation of the Client:Builder
Each Floor Area:BF:194 m².GF:204 m².1F:196 m²
Total Floor Area:594 m²(Excluding Decks)
Building Area:280 m²
Site Area:690 m²
Principal Materials:Concrete.Timber.Glass
Principal Structure:Concrete
Location:Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
Photos:Ben Hosking
Interview:Rowena Liu
Text:Edition Office

亞倫.羅伯茨 喬納森.布雷納
結構工程:David Farrar
施工單位:Flux Construction


Edition Office
Edition Office is an architecture studio encompassing cultural, social and technological research, enabling exploration of material expression, form and spatial practice. The experiential qualities of our work enable projects which re-articulate relationships between communities and place. Our buildings enhance and enable connections and interfaces which provoke, question and enrich both occupants and the public realm. Edition Office work across a wide array of typologies and scale, including residential, institutional, commercial, education, urban design and interiors.