King Bill, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia

澳洲墨爾本 非茲洛比爾王住宅


King Bill is a love letter to Fitzroy. King Bill is a collage of Fitzroy's built history, its textures, its forms, its order and its chaos. A family of four asked Austin Maynard Architects to design them their "forever house". They asked for a renovation to their two story terrace home, incorporating the empty garden site to the east and re-using the old stable building at the rear. Long time Fitzroy locals, the clients chose not to capitalize on their block by exploiting the vacant site. They wanted more living space but they had no intention of maximizing the economic yields by creating a huge home. Instead they sought to give something back to the suburb they love through a rich and generous garden.


比爾王(King Bill)為一封給非茲洛(Fitzroy)的情書,是一幅由非茲洛的建築歷史、結構、形式、秩序與混亂組成的拼貼畫。一個四口之家委託奧斯丁.梅納德建築師事務所(Austin Maynard Architects)為他們設計這間「永久屋」(Forever House)。委託內容包括翻修自有的兩層陽台住宅,將閒置的花園整合至屋子東側,並重新利用後方的舊馬廄。身為老非茲洛人的業主決定不利用空地擴展建地。他們想要更多的生活空間,但無意藉由蓋一棟大房子來擴大經濟效益。相反地,卻希望建造一座蔥鬱茂盛的花園,來回饋他們喜歡的郊區。

Located in the vibrant back streets of Fitzroy, King Bill is the renovation and extension of a double story terrace house and neighboring garden. Recognizing the importance and heritage significance of the area, as well as the rich eclectic nature of the location, the terrace facade remains untouched. A glazed corridor now runs along the eastern outer wall of the original terrace, linking the old house with the stable (garage and parents retreat) and the new glass pavilion, which houses kitchen, living and dining.



Surrounded by established garden, the glass pavilion sits in stark contrast to the dark masonry walls of the robust two story terraces either side. As with many Austin Maynard Architects projects the spaces created vary greatly in nature, thereby enabling the users to occupy spaces that best suit their mood, at any specific time. Retaining the existing trees was fundamental to creating a variety of spaces. The house and the structure was meticulously designed to ensure that the existing trees remained intact throughout construction.




Principal Architects:Andren Maynard.Mark Austin
Contractor:CBD Contracting
Character of Space:House
Total floor Area:407 m²
Site Area:490 m²
Principal Structure:Timber.Steel Frame.
Steel Tubular.Steel Frame Double Glazed
Location: Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia
Photos:Derek Swalwell
Interview:Rowena Liu
Text:Austin Maynard Architects
Collator:Bluebell Chen