Lumber building 4, Kristiansand, Norway

挪威克里斯蒂安桑 木作 4 商業大樓

Oslotre AS

"Lumber 4" is a commercial and office building spanning six floors. A recessed ground floor constitutes the commercial level, with the five floors above dedicated to office spaces. The structure is composed of a masstimber construction with columns and beams made of glued laminated timber. The floors are constructed using a composite structure of CLT and concrete, creating a slim and efficient floor system that spans long distances while also addressing fire and acoustic requirements.


「木作 4」是一棟六層樓高的商業辦公大樓,隱密的地下層被視作商業空間,地上五層樓則作為辦公場域。該案為大型木構建築,由集成材製成的梁柱構築而成。地面使用直交集成板和混凝土構成,創造一種纖細且高效的地面系統,可跨長距,以滿足防火及隔音需求。

Diagonals on the ground floor facilitate better vehicular access around the building. The existing communication core from adjacent building phases contributes to lateral stability and access to the office floors. Between the third and fourth floors, an atrium with an internal staircase made of masstimber has been introduced. Wood elements are prominently displayed in the interior, providing warmth in winter and cooling in summer.



The facade is composed of prefabricated curved wooden elements in pine, treated with green paint. The eaves above the curved elements are straight, creating a curved shadow on the panel. Over time, the paint under the shadow will weather, leading to a changing facade with lighter and darker curved sections. The insulation used throughout is wood fiber. The cladding consists of fire-treated pine.



All load-bearing structures are exposed, and exterior walls are clad with white-pigmented spruce panels. Wood wool acoustic panels are used in concealed service areas and meeting rooms. Visible conduits are painted in a light beige color. The large floor-to-ceiling windows open up to the view and provide ample natural light.



Principal Architects:Daniel Song.Kate Cho

Contractor:VEF Entreprenør

Character of Space:Offices

Total Floor Area:3106 ㎡

Principal Materials:Wood

Principal Structure:Wood

Location:Kristiansand, Norway

Photos:Kyrre Sundal

Text:Oslotre AS

Collator:Angel Chi


主要建築師:Daniel Song.Kate Cho

施工單位:VEF Entreprenør







文字:Oslotre AS




Oslotre AS