VIPP Chimney House, Copenhagen, Denmark

丹麥哥本哈根 VIPP煙囪屋

David Thulstrup has just completed Chimney House, a stunning architectural and interior design project for which virtually everything was specially designed, from an additional level to a dramatic steel staircase and bespoke door handles. Created for VIPP, Chimney House incorporates bold architectural interventions that honour the original structure of the heritage-listed former water pumping station but add a cutting edge contemporary overlay. The main structural change was a new upper level in steel that follows the gabled roofline of the original brick building and acts as a modern counterpoint.


大衛.桑斯川蒲(David Thulstrup)近期甫完成煙囪屋(Chimney House)設計,這棟建築外觀與室內空間都令人眼睛為之一亮的建築個案,從加蓋樓層、搶眼的鋼製樓梯到訂製門把,一切皆經過精心設計。為VIPP所設計的煙囪屋,採用大膽建築手法,既凸顯被列為古蹟的舊抽水站原有結構,也增添了前衛的現代感裝置。結構上的主要變化為新添加的鋼製結構樓層。其沿著原有磚造建築的人字形屋頂線條增建,並呈現出現代風格。

Existing arched windows were extended to ground level and turned into steel framed glass doors and a deep cut was made into one façade leading to a new external terrace. A U-shaped staircase bisects the ground floor and acts as a divider to define the dining and living zones in the open plan space. Made of steel and strongly geometric, the staircase is clad in extruded aluminium panelling echoing the facade of the VIPP Shelter, a retreat in Sweden. 


原有拱形窗延伸至地面,轉變為鋼框玻璃門,其中一側立面則往內深切,創造出新的外陽臺。U字形樓梯將地面樓層一分為二,作為開放空間中的隔牆,區分餐廳和起居區。呈現出強烈幾何感的鋼製樓梯包覆上鋁擠型面板,呼應位於瑞典的VIPP渡假屋(VIPP Shelter)。

The pitched roof of the new level is left exposed and its generous height is accentuated by three 5-metre long custom designed pendant lamps made from stacked Perspex discs. With the interior design Thulstrup sought to fuse modern ways of living and showcase VIPP's high-end kitchen and bathroom elements and accessories. The new L-shaped mezzanine has two bedrooms, each with 4.5 metre-high glass panels facing the atrium. The Chimney House will become the third outpost of VIPP Hotel, immersive spaces available for short-term stays that show the evolution of the iconic Danish brand.



Princial Architect:David Thulstrup
Character of Space:Hotel
Total Floor Area:140 m² 
Principal Materials:Steel.Terrazzo.Metal.
Brushed Aluminium
Principal Structure:Brick.Steel
Location:Copenhagen, Denmark
Photos:Irina Boersma.Hampus Berndtson
Interview:Rowena Liu
Text:Studio David Thulstrup
Collator:Finn Ho


影像:伊琳娜.博爾瑪 漢普斯.伯恩森