Vivienda en Alfinach, Valencia, Spain

西班牙瓦倫西亞 阿爾菲納赫之家


It is a house that is located in Alfinach, one of the most reputable urbanizations in the province of Valencia, where large houses with pleasant outdoor areas are located. The project tries to carry out a comprehensive reform of the house that will welcome a new family. That is why it is a program of uses with several bedrooms and spaces that allow personal development and coexistence. 


The pre-existing house has three heights, basement, ground floor and first floor, as well as an exterior construction to house uses related to the large garden of the house. The great sensitivity of the clients for their environment, both natural and social, establishes the premises of the character of the project. Neutral and natural materials, spacious and bright spaces, and a functional program that allows activities related to people who do not live in the house to be carried out.





The idea of the project is to enhance natural light, achieving the maximum possible. This is one of the most important factors of the study when preparing a project. Light is life. A complete interior demolition is carried out in the basement floor, giving rise to a very functional and practical area that houses a large parking lot, an office with a meeting room, a games room, a multifunctional room to host different activities, a gym, as well as a service area. This program is completely independent from the rest of the house as it has individual access. The ground floor houses the rooms that are used on a day-to-day basis, such as a spacious hall, a large living-dining room with a fireplace, a kitchen, a guest bedroom and a fully glazed reading area with views of the garden. On the second floor are the bedrooms that have terraces and views of the Mediterranean Sea, one of the main attractions of the area. The combination of the sea and the mountains. At the studio we understand architecture and interior design as one, without subtracting from the other. In this way, we look for neutral and warm materials at the same time, to compensate for the existing dark wooden floor, without taking away its importance, which is completely restored. A lime coating is chosen throughout the house, breathable and ecological in a light color that generates a magical atmosphere. Doors and cabinets are reduced to a minimum, avoiding unnecessary elements to increase the feeling of spaciousness.



Principal Architects:Ernesto Correa · 

Patricia Maldonado

Age of the Client: 42

Total Floor Area:519 ㎡

Building Area:636 ㎡

Site Area:2979 ㎡

Principal Structure:Reinforced concrete
Location:Alfinach, Valencia , Spain

Photos:Sonia Sabnani

Collator:Yit-Ming Liang



客戶年齡:42 歲

空間面積:519 平方公尺

建築面積:636 平方公尺

基地面積:2979 平方公尺