Vivo Theatre, São Paulo, Brazil

巴西聖保羅 現場劇場

Triptyque Architecture

Located in Vivo's corporate building in São Paulo, the project was conceived from material and immaterial elements, to create an innovative and authentic concept for the visitors. The challenge was to create a concept-theater where Triptyque Architecture sought to value construction from pre-existing structures, which were left in evidence to provide the innovation through coatings, colors, textures, and lighting.

Entering the foyer, circulation is divided between those who, at night, go to see a play, as to the employees and their daily work tasks. To establish this distinction, in a fluid way, Triptyque Architecture highlight the lighting design conceived for the environment, which performs as the immateriality that demarcates spatiality. The orthogonal and rigid mesh of the lining also projects onto the floor, revealing the LED lamps placed on the layout joints, which can display neutral lights or change to the same purple as the brand, for special event occasions.

The space accommodates the foyer's pre-established uses and presents itself as a plural environment, which can be adapted to the needs that may eventually arise, given its scenic concept, marked by singularity and flexibility. Still in the foyer, the only built element is the central one, where the box office is located – and around it, a play of light draws the environment. Despite being physical, the block also plays with materiality, while the mirrored plates that cover it, with diffused clarity, deconstruct the limits of what is palpable. Protruding into the foyer, the volume of the theater is covered with a traditional velvet curtain – another well-known scenic element – to bring this more classic reference.

The theater itself is divided into two universes: above, acoustic boards in a reinterpretation of anechoic chambers, historically used for various purposes, have their use as a sound insulator reestablished, and graphic and aesthetic potential explored in the concert hall. The authenticity of the composition reveals the extensive research into acoustic techniques, armed with the design, seen in the graphic virtuosity of the concert halls – and just like them, the special lighting, the 272 seats and the imported carpet have the purple color, which belongs to the visual identity of the Vivo company. The lower area of the room is covered in wood to reflect the sound and bring a feeling of comfort to the spectators. In addition to expanding the space, with new storerooms and more dressing rooms, the new project also includes investment in accessibility and technology, so that the theater can hold more than one different play in the same week.



現場劇場(Vivo Theatre)位於聖保羅的 Vivo 公司大樓,從物質和非物質元素構思,為參觀者創造了一個創新和真確的概念。Triptyque建築事務所面臨的挑戰是創造一個概念劇院,他們尋求從現有結構中挖掘建築的價值,通過塗層、顏色、紋理和照明呈現創新。
進入大廳,人群被分為晚上去看戲的人,以及肩負日常工作任務的員工們。為了建立這種區別,Triptyque建築事務所用流暢的方式突出了為環境設想的照明設計,它同時作為界定空間的非物質性元素。內部的長方形剛性網狀結構也投射在地板上,展示裝設在佈局接縫處的 LED 燈,提供溫和的照明或變為與品牌一樣的紫色以呼應特殊的活動場合。該空間容納了大廳預先設定的用途,並以多元化的環境形式適應最終可能出現的任何需求,同時考慮到其以獨特性和靈活性為標誌的場景概念。在大廳裡,唯一的建築元素是置中的,也就是售票所在的地方——在它周圍,變幻的光線描繪出了環境。儘管是形而下的,但該區也發揮了材料的作用,覆蓋它的鏡面板具有漫射的清晰度,解構了可觸知的界限。進入大廳,劇院覆蓋著傳統的天鵝絨窗簾——也是另一個眾所周知的場景元素——帶來了更經典的標誌。

Responsible partner:Greg Bousquet

General Director:Luiz Trindade

Creation director:Felipe Alves

Technical Coordinator:Rodrigo Poli

Contractor:Lock Engenharia

Character of Space:Cultural (theatre) and corporate

Total Floor Area:1,735㎡

Principal Materials:Purple velvet, Jequitibá wood, acoustic wood panels, frosted reflective glass, carpet

Principal Structure:concrete - original structure that was once covered in plaster (before retrofit)

Location:São Paulo, Brazil

Photos:Ricardo Bassetti

Text:Triptyque Architecture

Collator:Katrina Wong






施工單位:Lock Engenharia




主要結構:混凝土 - 曾用灰泥覆蓋的原始結構(改造前)



文字:Triptyque Architecture


Triptyque Architecture