Casa Maiora, Carovigno, Italy

義大利卡羅維尼奧 馬奧拉度假別墅

Studio Andrew Trotter|安德魯特羅特工作室

This project was the first escape for Studio Andrew Trotter from the white vaulted buildings, so typical of Puglia. Thus said, the Studio didn’t go far for inspiration: we looked to the villas of the coast, with their grand colonnades, and the walls that were painted with an earthy tone using lime wash made by a local artisan, as they would have done in the past centuries.


此案是安德魯特羅特工作室第一次建造非普利亞典型白色拱形建築的風格建築。 因此,工作室選擇觀察海岸邊的別墅並找尋靈感,它們擁有宏偉的柱廊,牆壁由當地工匠所製作的石灰水粉刷,如同原生般的大地泥土色調,和過去世紀的做法如出一轍。

The house was placed at the most southern border to take advantage of the elevated level, and to achieve the best views possible of the sea, which is only a stone’s throw away. Positioned east-west, with views to the north and to the south, meaning the house is perfect for winter as much as in the summer. Being a house for the family, and to be rented, the outdoor summer living and the connection to the surrounding nature was high on the wish list of the client. The large veranda, covered in thick cane, reminiscent of the souks in Marrakech, giving ample shade for the midsummer sun, the perfect place to relax, eat lunch or take an afternoon siesta.



As you enter the house, it feels like a villa set high above its walled terraces, proud on a hill. An architectural statement, with simplicity at its core.

While inside, the large open spaces are surrounded by windows to capture the views, and allow the winter sun to enter and warm up the house, so minimal air-conditioning is needed. The warm earthy tone continues inside, and a mix of built in furniture and locally found antiques decorate the spaces. An air of lightness and calmness prevails.


當你走進這棟別墅時,感覺就像進入了一座高高地矗立於圍牆的露台之上,傲然屹立於壯闊的山坡上。 彷彿一個獨立的建築宣言,以簡約為其核心。













Principal ArchitectsStudio Andrew Trotter

Character of SpaceCamping trailer


LocationCarovigno, Italy

PhotosSalva López

TextStudio Andrew Trotter


CollatorAna Wang

Studio Andrew Trotter|安德魯特羅特工作室
Studio Andrew Trotter is a multi disciplinary office working on international projects from architecture and interior design, to product design and design consultancy. With simplicity at the heart of its ideas and a true belief that any design should belong to the place where it is built, works such as Masseria Moroseta and Villa Cardo quickly became icons within the Pugliese landscape.