Oskay Store, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

台灣高雄 Oskay Store

十幸制作|True Thing Design Studio

"To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee, One clover, and a bee, And revery. The revery alone will do, If bees are few." — Emily Dickinson



Oskay Store, a curated space, is situated in the historic First Bank Warehouse in Yancheng, Kaohsiung. Drawing inspiration from my perspective growing up in Kaohsiung, I have incorporated the ruggedness of the mountains, the calmness of the sea, and the urban development of the industrial port into our design elements. The aim is to engage deeply with the Yancheng Warehouse culture through these visual elements.


Oskay Store 選物空間坐落於高雄鹽埕第一銀行老倉庫,我們以在高雄成長的視角感受這座城市的獨特,將山的粗獷、海的平靜,以及工業港口的都市發展融入我們的設計元素中,期望透過這些畫面與鹽埕倉庫文化深刻互動。

The store's name, "OSKAY," originates from the pause language used by kids playing hide-and-seek in the 70s and 80s in southern Taiwan. We have translated the concept of hiding into a design technique, attempting to create more interesting corners within the space. Confronted with the nearly six-meter-high warehouse, we deliberately exposed the original beams and columns, extensively utilizing raw materials in the interior decoration. This approach is intended to allow for potential recycling and continuation of the warehouse's identity in the face of various future business activities.



店名「OSKAY」源自於 7080 年代南部小孩在玩捉迷藏時的暫停用語,我們將躲藏的概念轉化為設計手法,試圖在空間中營造更多趣味的角落。面對近六米高的倉庫,我們保留了原始樑柱頂板刻意裸露,空間中大量利用室內裝修中粗胚原料,期望未來倉庫即使有不同的營業行為,都能盡可能的回收及延續下去。

Preserving the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows at the entrance, we have employed a "hide-and-seek wall" to subtly blur the distinction between the interior and exterior, while strategically dividing the layout into store, office, and meeting spaces using the central exposed pillar. Semi-transparent walls made of frosted glass and steel panels delineate different areas. The towering interior walls feature segmented calcium silicate boards to integrate visually with the space. Varied-height platforms cater to different display needs, and the flexible platforms can adapt to various activities. We aspire for visitors to sense our vision for Kaohsiung's commercial space in every nook and cranny of this designed environment.







影像:YHLAA 李易暹



十幸制作|True Thing Design Studio