RKM 740 Tower, Dusseldorf, Germany

德國杜塞道夫 RKM 740 高塔


In recent years, increasing urban density has led to new kinds of hybrid high rises. Our project ZIPPER is part of the latest generation of these mixed-use concepts. The project combines various medical practices and residences on the former park grounds of Dominikus-Krankenhaus in Düsseldorf-Heerdt. The synergy effects thus achieved with comprehensive health grant the existing hospital transregional importance as the "prototype of a hospital for the future." The combination of group practices, specialists, and therapists in the lower six floors of the building offers synergies with the existing hospital to create a medical health center with an importance that goes beyond the local region. The fourteen floors above feature a vital mix of various residential forms resulting in transparent, light-flooded living spaces with generous terraces, balconies, loggias, and rooftop gardens.



近年來,城市密度的增加導致了新型混合高層建築的出現,RKM 740 高塔便是其中之一。該項目結合了當地各種醫療設施和住宅,賦予了現代醫院作為「未來醫院的原型」的重要指標。建築較低的六層樓整合醫療機能、專家與治療師,與現有醫院構建為一個重要的醫療健康中心;上方的十四個樓層以各種住宅形式的組合為特色,形成了通透且光線充足的生活空間,並附帶寬敞的露台、陽台、涼廊或屋頂花園。

Partner in charge:Jürgen Mayer H..Andre Santer

Project Leader:Dr. Paul Angelier

Design Team:Ana I. Alonso.Isabell Fogden.Matthias Gotter.Max Margorskyi.Anna Pidhorna.Marta Ramirez Iglesias.Christine Rosemann.Jens Seiffert.Lilly Czok.Paul Rindt

Structural Engineering:AWD Ingenieure


Character of Space:Residential.Medical health center

Client:RKM Tower GmbH & Co. KG

Gross Floor Area:22,000 ㎡

Principal Structure:Concret.Steel

Location:Dusseldorf, Germany

Photos:© David Franck.© Lars Gruber

Text:J.MAYER.H and Partners, Architects

Interview:Grace Hung


主要建築師:尤根.麥耶.H. 安德魯.桑特


設計團隊:安娜.阿隆索 伊莎貝爾.福登 馬提亞斯.高特 馬克斯.馬爾戈爾斯基 安娜.皮德霍娜 瑪爾塔.拉米雷斯.伊格萊西亞斯 克里斯汀.羅斯曼 詹思.塞弗特 莉莉.喬克 保羅.林特

結構工程:AWD 工程師



建築面積:22,000 平方公尺



影像:大衛.弗蘭克 拉爾斯.格魯伯

文字:J.MAYER.H and Partners, Architects


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