The Lost Cove, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

馬來西亞吉隆坡 失落海灣零售店

Spacemen Studio

Nestled within the TRX Exchange Mall in Kuala Lumpur, the second iteration of Trove, crafted by Spacemen, embodies the essence of light in its design ethos. Inspired by the intangible nature of light, the store is conceived as a luminous sanctuary, reminiscent of an abstract cove. The concept revolves around the interplay of light and shadow within cavernous interiors, creating a surreal atmosphere for shoppers.


At the heart of the store lies a singular architectural language: linear shelves that stretch seamlessly from floor to ceiling, mirroring the undulating curves of a cave's interior. These sweeping forms not only serve as a functional display system but also evoke the sensation of exploring hidden alcoves within a natural formation. Within the curved walls, discrete display nooks showcase Trove's curated collection, inviting patrons to discover treasures with each sweeping glance.


此案位於吉隆玻 TRX Exchange商場內,其設計理念旨在體現光的本質。設計師以「光的無形」為靈感,聚焦光與影的互動,在猶如洞穴的空間中,透過輪廓及線條,打造抽象的海灣形象,繼而營造一種超現實的氛圍。此店彷彿會發亮的港灣,為顧客提供一處寧靜的避風港,人們能在此享受面部水療,以及其他放鬆身心的護理療程。

Anchoring the front of the store is a floating circular product experience bar, a focal point that beckons visitors to engage with Trove's offerings. Above, a circular skylight bathes the space in natural illumination, further accentuating the play of light and shadow. Transitioning towards the rear, the ambiance subtly shifts to a darker, more intimate setting, signaling the entrance to the treatment cove.


In this secluded enclave, intimate coves are crafted to offer patrons a tranquil escape from indulging in facial spas and other rejuvenating treatments. Here, the design narrative takes a nuanced turn, with the abstract silhouette of a sunrise subtly integrated into the horizontal nooks, symbolizing the promise of renewal and transformation. Through a unique sculptural spatial design, the Trove store at TRX Exchange Mall emerges as a luminous cove, where light and design converge to create a unique retail experience.



Principal ArchitectEdward Tan

Character of spaceRetail Store

Space Area180 m2

LocationKuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PhotosDavid Yeow Photography

CollatorChloe Su




空間面積:180 平方公尺




Spacemen Studio
Spacemen is a design firm that specializes in building brand architecture. Our design approach seizes primary brand ideologies and transforms them into unique one-of-a-kind spatial experiences that tell stories. Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

We design our spaces to evoke certain memories that take people on journeys as the spatial story unfolds step by step like a story. Driven by curiosity the studio is constantly looking to redefine the boundaries of design by exploring new materials and developing new design narratives.