TROVE, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

馬來西亞吉隆坡 TROVE 零售店

Spacemen Studio

The latest Trove store which is located in Pavilion Damansara Heights Mall in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, brings guests on an immersive journey of discovery as they explore the space as one does when digging the ground in search of buried treasure. Curved perimeter walls in rammed earth and coarse stucco were sculpted to mimic the textures of the ground. It draws inspiration from the notion of fingers rummaging through the soil, revealing cascading layers along the walls that organically form display nooks for products. Earthy-toned grey travertine clads the shopfront fa-cade and the broken marble basin countertop. The ‘de piece de resistance’ of the store is a circular stainless-steel cabin that reveals itself with its anodized rainbow finish glistening and waiting to be discovered. Within is a thoughtfully curated experiential ‘Scent Trove’ with a vast and extensive range of perfumes. It was designed akin to a lab to allow customers to fully immerse themselves to experiment and discover their perfect scent. 


此項目位於吉隆玻市中心的 Pavilion Damansara Heights 商場,帶領顧客如同挖掘地下寶藏般,展該一場生動的探索之旅。設計團隊選用夯土與粗灰泥,雕刻弧形圍牆,藉此模仿了地面的紋理,並以「翻挖土壤」之意象為靈感,使牆壁露出堆疊的土層形成產品展示區;店面外牆與破碎的大理石檯面,則以土灰色石灰岩打造而成。一座圓形的不銹鋼櫥櫃為本案點睛之筆,櫃上漆有彩虹塗層,閃閃發光的模樣十分引人注目;櫃內放滿各種類的香水,猶如一座香味寶庫,其設計有如一間實驗室,為顧客提供沉浸式體驗,於其中找尋屬於自己的命定香味。

Principal ArchitectEdward Tan

Character of spaceRetail Store

Space Area830m2

LocationKuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PhotosDavid Yeow Photography

CollatorChloe Su








Spacemen Studio
Spacemen is a design firm that specializes in building brand architecture. Our design approach seizes primary brand ideologies and transforms them into unique one-of-a-kind spatial experiences that tell stories. Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

We design our spaces to evoke certain memories that take people on journeys as the spatial story unfolds step by step like a story. Driven by curiosity the studio is constantly looking to redefine the boundaries of design by exploring new materials and developing new design narratives.