Fengxian Qixian Jesus Church, Shanghai, China

中國上海 奉賢齊賢耶穌堂

Wutopia Lab|Wutopia Lab 建築師事務所

In June 2023, the Fengxian Qixian Jesus Church designed by Wutopia Lab was finally completed after eight years. It took me a little while to recall because I had changed a bit, and the reasons for the design at that time had become a little fuzzy. But I remember at the time, I was fascinated by the use of translucency as a contemporary expression of what I understood to be the restrained beauty of Jiangnan and the struggling forces behind it.


歷經八年之久,由 Wutopia Lab 團隊設計的奉賢齊賢耶穌堂總算於 2023 年 6 月完工。要憶起該案,對於已產生些微變化的設計師來說,是需要花點時間回想的事。雖然當初的設計緣由已變得模糊,但他仍記得當時的自己著迷於使用半透明材質作為一種當代形式,表達我對江南矜持之美與背後掙扎力量的理解。

The brief called for the main and ancillary buildings to be separated. I decided to use the 16.7m high main hall as the core of the main building, inserting offices and other facilities on its west and north sides while placing the small auditorium on the highest level of the office area to create a vertical community. And the ancillary building is the canteen. Treating the entire site as a building called a place is my most significant strategy. I have erected a translucent enclosing "veil" as a visual boundary around the architectural control line, while the main and ancillary buildings are buildings within this field defined by this "veil". Together, with the visual boundary of the "veil", they form a complete architectural expression, a complete place.


依據指示,該案的主樓與附屬建築需分開。設計師決定透過高 16.7 公尺的大廳作為主建築核心,並於其西、北面置入辦公室和其他設施,同時在最高樓層的辦公空間安排小型禮堂,以創造垂直社區,附屬建築則為食堂。將整體場域視為被稱作場所的建築,是此設計師最重要的策略。他在建築控制線周圍建造一座半透明圍合式「面紗」當作視覺邊界,主配樓則是由「面紗」定義在場域內的建築,兩棟樓藉由視覺邊界的「面紗」形成完整的建築表達,一個完整的場地。

Then I wanted to maintain the sense of symmetry within the building. However in the site plan, firstly, I adjusted the center lines of the main building so that they are parallel but not on the center line of the base; and secondly, I made the center lines of the auditorium parallel to each other but not according to the center line of the main building. This new layout not only avoids the rigidity of conventional symmetrism but also opens up possibilities for some lively vitality while maintaining the sanctity of symmetry in areas in need. Another advantage of this adjustment is that the first floor of the auditorium can face directly south. When the weather is nice, the main hall can be opened up completely southward so that the outdoor field can be used as an extension of the auditorium site.



Principal Architects:Yu Ting

Structural Engineering:Miao Binhai

Character of Space:Church

Building Area:2598 ㎡

Principal Materials:Acrylic Plaster.Sugi.Wood Wool Cement Board

Principal Structure:Steel structure(Curtain Wall).Concrete(Main structure)

Location:Shanghai, China

Photos:CreatAR Images

Text:Wutopia Lab

Collator:Angel Chi








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