Relogged, Kyiv ,Ukraine

烏克蘭基輔 再製木屋

balbek bureau|巴爾貝克事務所

Relogged is a private residential house located in the green zone on the riverbank. The project's name, Relogged, refers to its main objective, which is to reinterpret the log cabin concept. It also plays with the vibe of the location – a place where nature and comfortable, tranquil living converge. We opted for a contrasting solution for the dark wood on the walls – light wall panels and textiles, neutral concrete flooring, and a simple, minimalist geometry. During the discussions, a decision was made to adapt the log house to a modern design while preserving the exposed wood inside the rooms.



The entrance to the living area is designed as a glass vestibule. Symmetrical stairs in the grand hall lead to the second floor. The staircase structure is a wooden-clad metal console. In line with the overall concept of minimalist design and clear geometry of elements, as well as the client's request, the stairs are without handrails. The spacious living room has windows overlooking the river. Opposite the entrance to the house, there is a fireplace covered with concrete panels. The walls are finished with plaster imitating concrete. Microcement is used for the flooring throughout the house.



To the left of the entrance is a home theater. There is a step at the entrance since there used to be a garage with a different floor level, making the theater area recessed. According to the client's suggestion, the walls are paneled with plywood. The metal cabinets in the theater are custom-made based on the bureau's sketches and are also placed in other rooms of the house, acting as unifying elements in the interior. The passage from the home theater leads to the kitchen. In contrast to wood, the kitchen furniture is adorned with metal to add a sense of technology and modernity to the interior. The large kitchen island is made of concrete, and the kitchen chairs are vintage. We removed the walls between the living room, kitchen, and dining area, merging them into an open space, while preserving the original log beams.



During the process, most windows were replaced, except for the large frontal window spanning two floors. Additional vertical windows were added to the dining area and cabinet to bring in more natural light and add dynamism to the space. On the second floor, to the right of the stairs, is the primary bedroom with a wardrobe and a bathroom. We added another symmetrical window in the ceiling to let more natural light into the bedroom. As per the client's request, the bedroom walls are paneled with wood, using wooden veneer wall panels, which helped to separate the bedroom from other rooms in the house stylistically and improved sound insulation. The large bed was custom-made, initially considering an all-metal design, but ultimately a more practical option was chosen with a wide metal cabinet. Vintage lamps complement the interior, and a large mirrored screen is placed opposite the bed. The radiators were also replaced in the rooms with metal ones, fitting the overall style. In contrast to the wooden walls and log texture, the bathrooms are decorated in a simple and modern style with a micro cement finish.




Principal ArchitectsSlava BalbekVika DidychYuliia BarsukAlina VovkotrubSerhii Havrylov

Project anagers: Kateryna KarelshteinAnna Viktorova

Building Area375

Principal MaterialsWoodConcrete

LocationKyiv ,Ukraine

PhotosAndrey Bezuglov

Textbalbek bureau

InterviewChloe Su


主要建築師:斯拉瓦.巴爾貝克   維卡.迪迪奇   尤利婭.巴爾蘇克   阿琳娜.沃夫科特魯布謝爾希.加夫里洛夫

專案負責人:凱特琳娜.卡雷爾施泰因  安娜.維克托洛娃

建築面積:375 平方公尺






balbek bureau|巴爾貝克事務所
balbek bureau is a Ukrainian award-winning architecture and interior design studio founded by Slava Balbek and Borys Dorogov. The team works on commercial, corporate, residential and cultural projects in Europe, Northern America and Asia.
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