Sundshopen Norwegian Scenic Routes, Sømna, Norway

挪威索姆納 松德肖彭風景路線景觀改造案

Rever & Drage



The bay at the northern end of the brackish lake of Sundshopen has been a popular bathing spot for the local population for generations. The shallow , sheltered water, provides temperatures in which it is possible to enjoy a swim. Recently, the area has been poorly maintained and little used. The upgrade has now made it an attractive place for swimming, fishing and picnics, both for locals and visitors. The central element of the site is a traditional jetty of stone and timber that stretches from the land all the way over the shallow waters and out to where the deep waters begin. Such sloping jetties have historically been part of the coastal landscape in Norway from Western Norway and northwards. The basis for the construction is that with a fixed sloping deck that goes out into the sea, you can embark and disembark boats regardless of tides. This was particularly relevant before floating piers became common along the coast. A traditional jetty also provides protection from wind and waves, which a floating pier does not do as well. With its placement and orientation, the jetty also frames the area towards the beach and functions as an indicator for the varying water levels in the lake during the different seasons. Another existing quality at the site was the dense patch of woodland surrounded by open farmland. This quality is emphasized by laying the path to the beach through the middle of the forest. The toilet building, with its modern form and material of aluminum, provides a contrast to the traditional pier and marks the entrance to the area. 

主要建築師:湯姆.奧格 馬丁.貝弗菲尤爾 艾瑞克.利爾德蘭奇 艾瑞克.達蘭德










Principal ArchitectsTom AugerMartin BeverfjordEirik LilledrangeEirik Dalland

ContractorOK Kristoffersen AS

ClientThe Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Site Area10,100

Principal MaterialsWoodStoneAluminium

LocationSømna, Norway

PhotosTom Auger

TextRever & Drage

InterviewGrace Hung

Rever & Drage
Rever & Drage是一家位於挪威奧斯陸和弗萊克峽灣的建築事務所。它由建築師 Eirik Lilledrange、Martin Beverfjord 和 Tom Auger 創立。