The Land Art "I was born", Rokkosan, Japan

日本兵庫縣六甲山 地景藝術《我誕生於此》

Yoshihiro Mikami|三上嘉啓 + Hajime Yoshida Architecture|吉田甫建築士事務所

This is the land art "I was born" in Rokko Meets Art 2019 in Japan. In Japan there is culture that respects the ground, and ground is often compared to a mother. So This is an art to change the way you look at the earth, which you can usually step on. By digging a hole in the ground and giving people a different perspective, we are strongly aware of the existence of the earth, and at the same time "others" see "I" who is experiencing art as an extraordinary looks in ordinary landscape. It is an art space that connects the relationship between the earth and people.


這是日本 2019 六甲(Rokko)藝術季中的地景藝術《我誕生於此》(I was born)。日本文化向來重視大地,常以大地比喻母親,對於腳下常踩過的土地,這個藝術作品將會改變你的看法。透過在地上挖掘洞穴,帶給人們不同的視野角度,我們能夠強烈感受到土地的存在,同時間,「其他人」(others)也會將「我」(I)這個正在藝術作品中的人視為一般風景中的特殊景象,這是一個連結人與土地之藝術空間。

Artist:Yoshihiro Mikami
Architect:Hajime Yoshida
Structural Engineering:Keisuke Unno Character of Space:Land Art
Total Floor Area:6 m²

Location:Rokkosan, Hyogo, Japan Photos.Text:Hajime Yoshida Architecture

Interview:Rowena Liu
Collator:IW Editorial Department











Yoshihiro Mikami|三上嘉啓
Through the product design studio, Started to act as STUDIO YOSHIHIRO MIKAMI in 2016. With a focus on product design, Art direction, concept making, beyond the realm of artwork creation, Conduct comprehensive creative activities, both tangible and intangible.Involved in a wide variety of areas of design, including tableware, furniture, audio products, and research equipment. In 2018, began co-creating with various creators to create works on the theme of the relationship between nature, people, and society
Hajime Yoshida Architecture|吉田甫建築士事務所
hajimeyo is an interior brand that HAJIME YOSHIDA ARCHITECTURE designs and operates.
Based on the concept of “Create Landscape in your room” we sell products that use single-wheel inserts, clocks, lighting, textiles, and fusuma paper that decorate the space. Our company is based in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, and some products are produced in collaboration with Takaoka's traditional crafts (Japan and metal). These products are not just "things" but "elements that make up the space", and although they are small, they have the power to enrich the space. There are many ideas that were born while actually designing spaces such as houses and stores, and we are making these products with the strength of being a professional in designing spaces.