Qaammat Fjeld Pavilon, Sarfannguit , Greenland

格陵蘭薩凡吉特 帕曼特冰蝕高原景觀亭

Konstantin Arkitekter | 康斯坦丁建築師事務所

Located in Sarfannguit, a cultural landscape in West Greenland and a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2018, the Fjeld pavilion by Konstantin Ikonomidis is designed to celebrate and promote the Inuit intangible cultural heritage and traditional knowledge of the environment. Characterized by the two fjords that meet on Sarfannguit’s eastern tip on the hills, the pavilion’s location has been carefully chosen by the local community, site manager Paninnguaq Fleischer-Lyberth and architect Konstantin Ikonomidis for its impressive view over the Sarfannguit municipality.


Set on the planned trail between Sarfannguit and Nipisat, this site-specific installation will serve as a landmark and a gathering point and dissemination site in Sarfannguit, where the World Heritage site’s beautiful surroundings can be experienced by locals and visitors to the village. The Fjeld pavilion is designed as a poetic and aesthetic object, but most importantly as a symbolic gesture acknowledging the natural site and rich history, the distinctiveness of the Greenlandic culture, and the spiritual sensibilities rooted in Sarfannguit.



Principal Architects:Konstantin Arkitekter

Building Area:9 ㎡

Principal Materials:Glass

Principal Structure:Solid cast glass blocks.Stainless steel

Location:Sarfannguit , Greenland

Photos:Julien Lanoo.Konstantin Ikonomidis

Text:Joana Lazarova

Interview:Angel Chi







影像:朱利安.拉努 康斯坦丁.伊科諾米迪斯



Konstantin Arkitekter | 康斯坦丁建築師事務所
Konstantin Ikonomidis is a Swedish architect and the founder of Konstantin Arkitekter. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen in 2014. His work bridges the territories of art, architecture, and scientific research, with a special interest in extreme climates.