The Installation String Bratislava, Slovakia

斯洛伐克 布拉提斯拉瓦繩索矩陣裝置

For the festival in Bratislava we have developed a new object whose rope thickness was extended to 8 mm in order to achieve a more durable, sturdier structure and to insure a smoother movement of visitors through the string matrix. The installation is based on common production system of large geometric inflated objects normally used in the field of advertising. Since the physical behavior of fluids tend to make all inflates spherical, thin parallel ropes are tied on opposite sides of the volume, keeping them parallel to one another. When the volume deflates, the ropes get loose and lay on the ground enabling compression of the installation. When the object inflates, the ropes tense to a perfect line again, strained enough to carry the weight of a human being. Bodies entrapped in 3D grid, flying in unnatural positions throughout superficial white space, resemble Dadaist collages. Impossibility of perception of scale and direction results in simultaneous feeling of immenseness and absence of space. 


在為布拉提斯拉瓦(Bratislava)的音樂節設計的新裝置中,我們採用直徑寬達 8 毫米的繩子,讓結構更紮實、更耐用,也確保遊客在這個繩索矩陣中能夠更順暢地移動。這個裝置以通常用於廣告領域中的大型幾何充氣系統為基礎,由於流體的物理特性是讓所有膨脹物呈球形,因此以平行排列的細繩索綁在四面的相對側,使其能彼此平行。當氣囊放氣時,鬆懈的繩索會平躺在地上,縮小裝置體積;當氣囊膨脹時,繩索再次拉緊成完美的直線,緊繃得足以承受人類的重量。困在 3D 網格中的身體,以不自然的姿勢飛越表面為白色的空間,彷彿達達主義拼貼畫。在這個空間中,由於難以感知大小和方向,因此既缺乏距離感又感到浩瀚無窮。

Character of Space:walk-in installation

Total Floor Area:48 ㎡

Principal Materials:textile(polyester)

Location:Zuckermandel, Bratislava, Slovakia

Photos:Numen/For Use.Marko Erd.Tomáš Kuša

Interview:Rowena Liu

Text:Numen/For Use

Collator:Rita Lee


空間面積:48 平方公尺



影像:Numen/For Use  馬可.厄德  湯瑪斯.庫莎


文字:Numen/For Use