Self Similar by Jim Denevan, Manar Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

阿拉伯阿布達比 《自我相似》大地藝術作品

Jim Denevan

Jim Denevan’s Self Similar, a monumental, site-specific land art work opens at Manar Abu Dhab. Towering clouds, a breath of air, tiny grains of sand, tall mounds and mountains, wind, and weather systems, drops and bodies of water, pyramids, small and large.


Denevan’s most ambitious installation to date, the ephemeral work, sited on the city’s Fahid Island, where city and desert are flanked by the Arabian sea, forms a prominent, new landmark that spans an area of nearly a square kilometer and rises majestically to a height of 27 meters.


來自藝術家德內萬 (Jim Denevan) 的作品《自我相似》(Self Similar),是一件在具紀念性的、且特殊地點性的大地藝術作品在阿布達比馬納爾誕生。在高聳的雲、呼吸的空氣、微小的沙粒、高聳的土丘和山脈中,結合運用風和天氣系統、水滴和水體和大小金字塔。


這座短暫的作品是藝術家 Jim Denevan 認為,迄今為止最雄心勃勃的裝置,位於該市的法赫德島,那裡的城市和沙漠兩側是阿拉伯海,因此形成了一個突出的新地標,佔地近一平方公里,雄偉地矗立在高度27公尺。

Among the largest works of land art ever made, Self Similar, which began as a single circle drawn with a stick in the sand, is at once grand and delicate. The monumental yet temporary installation is formed of 19 concentric rings of 448 pyramids and mounds that expand outward and upward in a mandala pattern. Iron Bridge provides a serendipitous entry, attuned to the rising and setting sun and the city skyline in the distance — a powerful physical and metaphorical point of arrival. Visitors can interact with the work by situating themselves within itat any point and by scaling two observation mounds to enjoy 360 degree views of the entire composition and the surrounding natural landscape. Standing in the center enables visitors to realize the symmetry of the geometric composition and experience a moment of contemplation, transience and connection to nature. The work exists in perpetual transformation, a vulnerability inherent to its material and form.


身為有史以來最大的大地藝術作品,《自我相似》最初是用一根棍子在沙上畫的一個圓圈,既宏偉又精緻。 這個具有紀念意義的大地裝置由 19 個同心環組成,由 448 個金字塔和土丘組成,這些土丘以曼陀羅圖案向外和向上擴展。 鐵橋提供了一個偶然的入口,與日出日落和遠處的城市天際線相協調,一個強大的物理和隱喻的到達點。參觀者可以將自己置身於作品中的任何一點,並透過攀登兩個觀景台,以 360 度的視角欣賞整個作品和周圍的自然景觀,從而與作品互動。 站在中心,參觀者可以體會到幾何構圖的對稱性,並體驗沉思、短暫和與自然聯繫的時刻。 此件作品存在於永恆的轉變中,這是因其材料和形式所固有的脆弱性。

“As I draw and shape these forms, an invitation is made, it emerges. An ‘entering into’ takes place. A centering. Scale, presence, human, and otherwise. External is internal and internal is external. That which expires and that which is eternal, a simultaneity, within and without,” said Denevan, who, as part of his Sisyphean practice, offers up his work to the vagaries of wind, weather and the progression of time. Responding to the exhibition’s theme of ‘Grounding Light’, Denevan’s Self Similar invites visitors to immerse themselves in a physical and psychological exploration that reveals how we move and exist in relation to our world. The construction of scale, relation, the minute and the boundless are simultaneously manifest, illuminating ideas of sameness and radical difference. At dusk each evening more than a thousand solar lanterns come to light one by one, adding to the city’s ambient light, casting delicate shadows and a transformative and unifying warm glow on each of the individual volumes of sand in the composition.


「當我繪製和塑造這些形式時,邀請便產生了, 一個「進入」的意象便發生了。 一個 規模、存在、人性的居中。 外在是內在,內在亦是外在。 有限與無限,是同時存在與不存在的。」藝術家德內萬說道,作為薛西弗斯式 (Sisyphean) 的實踐者 (用來形容一項任務永遠不可能被完成),他將自己的作品奉獻給風、天氣和時間的變幻莫測。


回應展覽的「基礎之光」主題,德內萬的《自我相似》邀請參觀者沉浸在身體和心理的探索中,揭示我們如何與世界相關的移動和存在。 尺度、關係、微小和無限的構造同時顯現,闡明了相同性和根本差異的概念。每天黃昏時分,一千多盞太陽能燈一一亮起,增添了城市的環境光,在構圖中的每一塊沙子上投射出精緻的陰影和變革性的、統一的溫暖光芒。

Self Similar was realized with initial participation of volunteers from the region who hand-sculpted individual pyramids in the innermost ring, continuing Denevan’s history of engaging the local community to participate in the construction of his large-scale installations.



阿拉伯聯合大公國阿布達比,2023 年 11 月 20 日 Self Similar《自我相似》,一個大規模的、美國藝術家吉姆·德內萬 (Jim Denevan) 的沉浸式、特定地點的土地作品今天向公眾開放。阿布達比文化和旅遊部的新公共藝術倡議,阿布達比馬納爾  (Manar Abu Dhabi)。由阿布達比文化規劃和文化基金會總監兼阿布達比公共藝術藝術總監 Reem Fadda 和 Manar Abu Dhabi 策展人 Alia Zaal Lootah 策劃的全市燈光藝術展展出了35 件來自當地和國際的特定場域藝術作品藝術家,並將持續到 2024 年 1 月 30 日。

Location:Manar Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Photos:Lance Gerber

Text:Lyn Winter, Inc.

Collator:Ana Wang

座落位置:阿拉伯聯合大公國 阿布達比馬納爾


文字:Lyn Winter, Inc.


Jim Denevan