Esbjerg Maritime Center, Esbjerg, Denmark

丹麥 艾斯傑格海事中心

Snøhetta + WERK Arkitekter

Esbjerg's new Maritime Center, dubbed "The Lantern", is designed to put the community first. Developed by Snøhetta and WERK Arkitekter.


Housing multiple watersport clubs, boat storage, training facilities, a large workshop space and social functions, the center is a true hub for maritime activities. Its circular, open design invites visitors in from every angle, creating an accessible and inclusive building.



新落成的丹麥艾斯傑格海事中心由 Snøhetta 建築師事務所及 WERK 建築師事務所共同設計,建築因外觀被稱作燈籠,旨在為當地社區提供公共福祉。



Large windows throughout the building's facade give plenty of daylight and visibility inwards, connecting the center to its surroundings. A warm glow shines through the windows at night, lighting the center like a lantern. The building design is inspired by the geometry and craftmanship of boats, paying homage to the maritime tradition and its significance in the port of Esbjerg. The facade has a rhythm and repetition inspired by wooden boat construction, both outside and inside. The changes in the angle of the panels give varying shadows, inspired by the shapes of kayaks.


The robustness of the center is evident not just in the buildings' ability to facilitate activities, but also in how it creates shelter from strong winds. The building is planned for high water in case the water exceeds the new surrounding dam. Therefore, the structure up to the first floor is made of concrete, poured in one go. The wooden facade is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, while the building is designed with areas where visitors can find shelter.






With a vision to create a space that unites the poetical with the practical, Maritime Center aims to find a balance between the mesmerizing and never-ending movements of the sea and practical everyday chores. A symbiosis between the beautiful and the raw, the elegant and the robust.



Principal Architects:WERK.Snøhetta

Structural Engineering:OJ Rådgivende Ingeniører

Contractor:Esbjerg Kommune

Character of Space:Maritime Center

Site Area:3,800 ㎡ (incl. terrace and boat storage)

Principal Structure:Concrete.Wood

Location:Esbjerg, Denmark

Photos:wichmann+bendtsen photography


Interview:Grace Hung



結構工程:OJ Rådgivende Ingeniører

施工單位:Esbjerg Kommune


基地面積:3,800 平方公尺(含露台及船隻存放處)



影像:wichmann+bendtsen photography



Snøhetta is a transdisciplinary, dialogue-driven practice including architecture, landscape architecture, interior architecture, art, product design, graphic and digital design, often integrating a combination of interests across our projects. We share our name with a beautiful, remote, and historically important mountain in central Norway.

Snøhetta is a place nobody is from, but anyone can experience. Creating places for societies to connect with each other and with the world around them is a primary motivation in our work. Dialogue and diversity empower this approach.
WERK Arkitekter
We are an interdisciplinary team of architects, planners and landscape architects. Together we solve the city's complex challenges – societal, climatic and infrastructural. Always with a holistic approach. Our interdisciplinary approach ensures that the projects tie the city and the landscape together – aesthetically, functionally, socially and historically.