Kindergarten Algund, Italy

義大利阿爾貢德 幼兒園


feld72 has expanded a kindergarten in Lagundo, above Merano in South Tyrol, Italy. The extension of the kindergarten was designed continuing the dialog between flat and pitched roofs of the existing with a two-story gable roofed building and a two-story flat roofed structure. It connects in the north-eastern part of the property which was designed by architect Gutweniger Willy in 1976. The aim of the extension was a holistic ecological construction method from the start, with the annexe designed as a glue-free solid wood building with a wooden façade and green roofs. The solid wooden walls creating a pleasant indoor climate due to their mass and texture. Another consideration was the spatial integration of the open learning landscape shared by German and Italian speaking groups. The focus of the extension being on the encounter zones, opening up the possibility of togetherness, not only architecturally but also pedagogically.


feld72建築事務所在位處義大利南提洛的梅拉諾之上的拉貢多擴建了一所幼兒園。幼兒園擴建部分有一棟兩層樓斜屋頂建築和一棟兩層樓平屋頂建築,延續了現有的兩種屋頂設計樣式,同時也連結由建築師Gutweniger Willy在1976年設計的建築物東北部分。從一開始,擴建工程在整體上就採用環保的方式,將附樓設計為無膠實木建築,有著木質外牆及綠色屋頂,實木牆的數量和質地使室內空間氣候舒適宜人。此案例設計之考量亦包括在空間上整合德語使用群體及義大利語使用群體所共享的開放式學習環境:公共區域為擴建的重點,旨在不僅於建築上,亦於教學上開闢團結的可能性。

Client: Municipality of Lagundo

Structural engineering: Pfeifer Partners

Cooperation partners: Baubüro Ingenieurgemeinschaft

Collaborators: Elisabetta Carboni, Therese Eberl, Marie Falser, Markus Gianmoena, Sebastian Gremmelspacher, Valentin Heuwieser, Gerhard Mair

GFA: 1269 m²

Location: Lagundo, Italy

Pictures: David Schreyer

Collator: Raffa Chen



結構工程:Pfeifer Partners

合作夥伴:Baubüro Ingenieurgemeinschaft

合作者:艾麗莎貝塔‧卡波尼 特蕾莎‧埃伯爾 瑪麗‧法瑟 馬庫斯‧詹莫納 塞巴斯蒂安‧格雷梅斯帕赫 瓦倫丁‧休維瑟 格哈德‧邁爾

建築面積:1269 平方公尺




The work of feld72 pivots on the interface of architecture, applied urbanism and art. feld72 has implemented numerous projects of various dimensions in the national and international context, a huge range including master plans, buildings, studies on urban development, interior and exhibition design, urban strategies and large-scale interventions in the urban environment. The multiple award-winning works are remarkable for a socially responsible, innovative and sustainable approach to architecture and urbanism. Tracking down and reinforcing the potential in locations and (social) environments is a fundamental element of feld72 projects.
Expanding the field of architecture within the context of the self-initiated project series “Urban Strategies”, the collective has been engaged ever since the office was founded in 2002 in Vienna in tackling the issues of the use and perception of the public space. Through numerous teaching assignments at universities the approach and methodology of feld72 have been integrated into the academic discourse.