Protagonist Store, Kharkiv, Ukraine

烏克蘭哈爾科夫 Protagonist品牌服裝店

balbek bureau|巴爾貝克事務所

Protagonist Store is a Kharkiv multi-brand clothing store that offers its own label as well as outfits from various world brands. Our team was commissioned to create a spatial design for a store that will convey a certain mood: a store that will look like a gallery of contemporary art, but instead of paintings and art installations, it will have clothes, shoes, and accessories. During working hours, it is a clothing store, and during events and parties, it becomes a place where like-minded people can communicate comfortably, dancing to DJ-networks. When you are in Protagonist Store, you feel like you are in the gallery, in the store, and on the dance floor at the same time. It was also important to us to express through the interior everything that the Protagonist founders value in their own and other brands presented in the store. This relates, first of all, to the relationship between shapes and textures. They believe that the architectural component of the room design should prevail over color.


The store is a clean and simple space with a lowered floor at the entrance. Functional zoning is organized in the format of an amphitheater with a small stage. In addition to providing spatial communication, the monolithic concrete stairs of the amphitheater become part of the exhibition, while the impromptu stage in the middle of the store forms a podium with soft seating. Our team, together with the product designer Roma Khoroshylov, developed the entire system of storage and shelving specifically for this project. The wall shelf consists of bent sheets of perforated metal, fixed at an angle. Special fasteners are screwed into the holes of the shelf; they serve as a support for the display of items. We carefully selected each piece of furniture and decor. A minimalist armchair with rounded sections from the Ukrainian furniture brand propro contributes to the furniture composition inside the store.

Protagonist Store是一家位於烏克蘭哈爾科夫的服裝店,這裡提供自有品牌與來自全球的各款品牌服裝任君選購。巴爾貝.克局(Balbek bureau)最初受託為這個品牌規劃商業空間,主要概念是讓這裡看似如當代藝術畫廊,實則非收藏畫作或藝術品,而是展示各種衣服、鞋子與配飾。在營業時段,這是一家服裝店,而在聚會時能搖身一變,成為志同道合者舒適交流並隨著 DJ播放的音樂跳舞的場所。因此當人們光臨時,會覺得自己同時身處於畫廊、商店和舞池中。對設計師而言,通過室內裝飾來表達業主對他們的自有品牌及其他品牌的重視相當重要,這涉及到形狀與材質間的關係,他們認為,室內設計的建築元素重要性應優先於色彩搭配。
該店空間風格簡潔俐落,入口處高程較低,整體配置以劇場概念進行分區,空間核心是交流空間,周邊的混凝土樓梯適合擺放單品的展示區,而商店中間的小舞台則是一個帶有軟座的平台。另外,巴爾貝.克局(Balbek bureau)與產品設計師Roma Khoroshylov共同合作,為此開發了整套儲存與貨架系統;牆上的架子由彎曲的穿孔金屬板組成,並都以相同角度固定,而特殊固定用零件則被擰在架上的孔裡,作為展示物的支撐,另外設計團隊精心挑選了店內每件家具和裝飾品,包含來自烏克蘭的家具品牌「propro」,其帶有圓形截面的簡約扶手椅讓店內整體軟裝配置更顯完美。

Principal Architects:Slava Balbek.Daria Kushnir.Alina Vovkotrub

Character of Space:Commercial space

Building Area:75.7㎡

Principal Materials:Concrete.Metal.Stainless steel

Location:Kharkiv, Ukraine

Photos:Slava Balbek

Interview:Jason Chen

Text:Balbek bureau

Collator:Grace Hung


主要建築師:斯拉瓦.巴爾貝克​達尼亞.庫斯里爾 阿莉娜.沃科特魯布





影像:Slava Balbek




balbek bureau|巴爾貝克事務所
balbek bureau is a Ukrainian award-winning architecture and interior design studio founded by Slava Balbek and Borys Dorogov. The team works on commercial, corporate, residential and cultural projects in Europe, Northern America and Asia.