Saint-Louis kindergarten, Paris, France

法國巴黎 聖路易斯幼兒園

The kindergarten takes place in Saint Louis’s hospital in the 10th district of Paris. Located in a heritage area, the project is established on a 350 square metre plot, next to an existing kindergarten for hospital’s staff which garden will be shared between the two structures and will host 48 cribs. As the city of Paris requested the building to be dismountable, the architects have opted for dry construction methods and prefabricated wooden structures and dismountable assemblies, allowing a possible deconstruction and a future reuse of the building on another site. The proposed plot for the project delimited by a curved road and an existing garden define the shape of the building.


此幼兒園位於巴黎第十區的聖路易斯醫院,可容納 48 個嬰兒床,並與醫院工作人員設立的原有幼兒園毗鄰,兩間幼兒園之間有座花園。由於巴黎市政府要求該案件須具可拆卸性,因此建築師以乾法施工,並選擇預製木結構和可拆卸組建,使該建築可被解構並在未來得以於另一地點重新使用。而彎曲的道路和現有的花園劃定了該案件的擬建地塊,同時界定建築物的形狀。

The building is characterized by different faces :


The first face of the building, connected to public space, is covered with pre-weathered zinc cladding for a better integration in the Parisian environment. This cladding plays the role of a protective envelope and brings a contemporary note with perforated pattern that takes inspiration from windows of the Saint-Louis chapel next to the plot. The double height windows with wooden frame reinterprets the front building’s windows and helps to minimize the scale of the building also thanks to mesh pattern.





The second face is hidden from outside view and opens toward a protected garden of an existing kindergarten. Its treatment contrasts with the rest of the building: more transparent and permeable, creating a direct relationship with the shared garden, it brings the light go through the children’s spaces. The glazed façade reveals also the timber structures of the building (glulam posts and beams) and frames modules. The setback on the first floor creates an outdoor terrace partially covered.



The 3rd face is the green roof of the building that recreates the garden present in the hospital before the project. It contributes to water retention and preserves biodiversity, offering a space accessible to birds and insects.


The building is labelled BBC Effinergie + and won Regional timber construction award in 2021.




該案件被標記為 BBC Effinergie +,並在 2021 年獲得地區木結構建築獎。

Principal Architects:Janez Nguyen Architects

Building Area:600 ㎡

Site Area:350 ㎡

Location:Hôpital Saint Louis, 12 rue de la grange aux belles, Paris (75010)

Photos:Benoit Florençon

Text:Janez Nguyen Architects + Linia A&U

Collator:Yow-Shiuan Chen

首席建築師:Janez Nguyen Architects

總建築面積:600 平方公尺

佔地面積:350 平方公尺

座落位置:巴黎 聖路易斯醫院


文字:Janez Nguyen Architects + Linia A&U