Semnan University Auditorium and Library, Semnan, Iran

伊朗塞姆南 塞姆南大學的禮堂與圖書館

The Auditorium and the Central Library of Semnan University designed in 2007 and spanning an area of 14,000 square meters. The project contains a series of lecture and educational halls, a multi-purpose central auditorium and a library were constructed and developed in different phases. The avant-garde architecture is inspired by traditional Iranian motifs, particularly evident in the intricate openings and ribbons applied on the facade which adorn the building, reflect rich cultural and artistic heritage of Iran and allow the use of natural light. The façade is designed as an integrated part of the building’s architecture and structure.


塞姆南大學的禮堂和中央圖書館皆設計於 2007 年,兩個區域的占地共 14,000 平方公尺。該計劃包含系列講廳和教育大樓,而一座多元中央禮堂和圖書館以不同面發展和建構而成。這座外型前衛的建築啟發自伊朗傳統圖騰,從立面設計便清晰可見,尤其是錯綜複雜的開口及點綴於建築立面的線條。整體外立面融合了建築與結構設計的概念,並透過結合傳統元素反映當地豐富文化與伊朗藝術傳承,同時讓自然光照入室內。

The complex contains two separate volumes: a library and an auditorium which is connected through a corridor and create a space that allows ample natural light enter the building. The architecture of a building contains diversity of voids that create unique spatial experiences, encourage social interaction and provide collective spaces for students and the community. The openings are more than just windows. They are irregular triangular openings that bring natural light into the building and lead to natural ventilation. The turquoise color (Persian Blue) used in this project is inspired from Iranian traditional art and evokes a familiar feeling in users.



The building has been designed with consideration for its function and location amidst the surrounding mountains which rises from the ground and merges with the interior and inviting visitors to explore inside the building. The continuous surfaces on the floor, wall and ceiling of the project blur the boundaries between interior and exterior, resulting in a cohesive and dynamic design. The staircase as part of the building’s structure offers stunning views of the university campus. This project has been envisioned as a place where people can come together and exchange information, particularly within the context of the university setting.



Principal Architects:Lida Almassian.Shahin Heidari

Structural Engineering:New Wave Architecture

Contractor:Pol Band Semnan

Character of Space:Education

Building Area:10,000 ㎡

Principal Structure:Concrete-Steel

Location:Semnan, Iran

Photos:Parham Taghoff

Text:New Wave Architecture

Collator:Angel Chi


主要建築師:利達.阿爾馬西安 沙欣.海達里