BEEAH Headquarters, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

阿拉伯聯合大公國沙迦 BEEAH集團新總部

Zaha Hadid Architects|札哈.哈蒂建築師事務所

Powered by its solar array and equipped with next-generation technologies for operations at LEED Platinum standards, the new BEEAH Headquarters has been designed by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) to achieve net-zero emissions and will be the group’s management and administrative centre that sets a new benchmark for future workplaces. The headquarters is the latest milestone for BEEAH Group as it continues to pioneer innovations for Sharjah and across the globe, establishing a base of operations for the group to diversify into new, future-critical industries.


Embodying these principles, the headquarters’ design responds to its environment as a series of interconnecting ‘dunes’ orientated and shaped to optimize local climatic conditions. Embedded within its context of Sharjah’s Al Sajaa desert, the design echoes the surrounding landscape shaped by prevailing winds into concave sand dunes and ridges that become convex when they intersect. Ensuring all internal spaces are provided with ample daylight and views while limiting the quantity of glazing exposed to the harsh sun, the headquarters’ two primary ‘dunes’ house the public and management departments together with the administrative zone that interconnect via a central courtyard, defining an oasis within the building which is integral to its natural ventilation strategy. Visitors enter beneath the 15-metre high dome which further enhances natural ventilation and allows passive daylight to enter the building. In addition to the central courtyard and open-plan office, the headquarters incorporates smart meeting rooms, an immersive visitors centre and an auditorium.

Glass reinforced fibre panels reduce solar gain while slab and glass cooling regulate interior temperatures for optimum comfort. On-site water treatment filtrates waste water to minimise consumption and its solar farm charges Tesla battery packs to meet the building’s energy demand throughout each day and night.



由札哈.哈蒂建築師事務所設計的 BEEAH 集團新總部,替未來的工作環境樹立新標準。其建築物的管理和行政中心是由太陽能供電,並配備了符合 LEED 白金級標準的新一代科技,旨在實現淨零排放。該總部是 BEEAH 集團的全新里程碑,象徵著品牌在阿拉伯聯合大公國的沙迦及全球範圍內持續開拓與創新。因此,該案意涵超越一個單純運營基地的建立,更是以多元化的角度進入嶄新的且對未來至關重要的行業。

Principal Architects: Zaha Hadid.Patrik Schumacher

Structural Engineering:Buro Happold

Contractor:Al Futtaim Construction

Character of Space:Corporate Headquarters

Client:BEEAH Group

Each Floor Area:

  • 5,360.74㎡(GF)
  • 1,026.57㎡(1F)
  • 89.87㎡(BF)

Total Floor Area:9,000㎡

Site Area:93,020㎡

Principal Materials:glass-fibre reinforced plastic.metal.marble

Principal Structure:Steel

Location:Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


Text:Zaha Hadid Architects

Collator:Grace Hung


主要建築師:扎哈.哈迪德 帕特里克.舒馬赫

結構工程:Buro Happold

施工單位:Al Futtaim Construction


業主:BEEAH 集團


  • 5,360.74 平方公尺(地面層)
  • 1,026.57 平方公尺(一樓)
  • 89.87 平方公尺(地下室)

空間面積:9,000 平方公尺

基地面積:93,020 平方公尺







Zaha Hadid Architects|札哈.哈蒂建築師事務所
札哈.哈蒂建築事務所是一家國際建築事務所,於 1980 年由著名建築師札哈·哈蒂成立。該事務所總部設於英國倫敦市克勒肯維爾區,在全球擁有來自 55 個國家的 450 名人員。