Fandangoe Skip *on tour*, New York, United States

美國紐約 Fandangoe Skip 巡迴

CAUKIN Studio + SKIP Gallery

A candy-colored, ice-cream-kiosk-in-a-dumpster offering Brooklyn’s Blue Marble ice cream, comes to Brookfield Place New York following its Summer 2022 London tour, with a commissioned documentary by BBC World Service.


Fandangoe Kid’s work is driven by her own story following the loss of family members in 2011. Her practice is inspired by the desire to create a platform for open dialogue around the still taboo subject of grief. Describing her family as a melting pot of big characters, she has always been interested in big visual storytelling.


一輛糖果色,會提供布魯克林藍色大理石冰淇淋,在垃圾箱裡的冰淇淋車結束了其在 2022 年倫敦夏季巡迴。在 BBC 世界服務中心受委託為其紀錄後,緩緩來到了紐約布魯克菲爾德廣場。


Fandangoe Kid 的作品源自於她在 2011 年時失去家人的故事。她渴望創作一個可以共開討論悲傷話題的平台。她將她的家庭比喻為大人物的大熔爐,她很擅長描述這種擁有大世界觀的故事。

The stand-out kiosk is made of sustainable materials in collaboration with CAUKIN Studio, a social enterprise that creates impact through architecture.


The Fandangoe Skip *on tour* offers a brand-new space, reappropriating the American dumpster for ice cream and mental health. CAUKIN have designed and built an innovative community space which accommodates multiple offerings, workshops, and talks that make up the programme, curated by The Loss Project. The project sits in stark visual contrast to the concrete and glass cityscape and skyscrapers that surround it. The bright pop of colour aims to draw people in, who then find themselves in a space that’s more intimate than they might expect.


這個矚目的冰淇淋車由與 CAUKIN 工作室合作的永續材料製成,它是一間在建築方面很有影響力的社會企業。


Fandangoe Skip 提供了了一個重新將美國的大垃圾箱運用在冰淇淋與心理健康上的空間。CAUKIN 設計並創造了一個圍繞著心理健康的社區——由 The Loss Project 策劃的多種產品、研討會和講座所組成。此案與周圍的混凝土和玻璃城市景觀及摩天大樓形成了鮮明的對比。普普風的鮮明色彩旨在吸引路人,他們會發現自己其實處在一個比自己想象的還要親密的空間裡。

With the dumpster providing nearly three times the amount of space in comparison to its predecessor - the London skip, the team were able to create a more inward facing design, to allow for workshops in a semi-private, semi-public setting. The form and layout is split into two main areas; the larger open sided bench seating, and the internal room-both designed to host different kinds of mental health workshops. As with most temporary structures, rather than using bespoke materials, instead the decision was reached to opt for standardised timber products and simple joints to let the stand-out colour scheme and carefully considered form create the artwork. 



Principal Architects:Harrison Marshall · Annie Nicholson

Structural Engineering:Centrespace Design

Character of Space:Ice cream kiosk for mental health workshops

Building Area:14 m²

Principal Materials:Wood · Metal

Location:Brookfield Place, New York, USA

Photos: Da ping Luo

Collator:Yit-Ming Liang

主要建築師:哈里森 · 馬歇爾 安妮 · 尼科爾森

結構工程:Centrespace Design


建築面積:14 平方公尺

主要建材:木材 · 金屬


攝影:Da ping Luo


CAUKIN Studio 經營教育建築研討會,為透過協作進行設計、透過建造進行學習以及透過沉浸式體驗提供寶貴的機會。 CAUKIN 的研討會不是假期。他們要求很高,但回報豐厚,是讓你的世界變得更美好的好方法,同時提供個人發展的機會和未來職業生涯的墊腳石。
SKIP Gallery
SKIP 畫廊是持續合作的藝術品,由藝術雙人組Baker & Borowski創作。他們的想法是利用經過特殊改造的料斗,在意想不到的地方提供藝術幹預的機會。料斗是我們日常生活的一部分,為我們提供了大量拆除和更新城市環境的手段。它們如此普遍,以至於我們幾乎沒有註意到它們。它們代表了我們想要拋棄、想要忘記的東西,因此,在裝在料斗中的藝術作品的創作中存在著深刻的諷刺。