New LUISS school building, Rome, Italy

意大利羅馬 路易斯校園新建築

Alvisi Kirimoto + Studio Gemma

Close to Villa Ada, in the heart of the Parioli district in Rome, Alvisi Kirimoto with Studio Gemma has designed a new hub surrounded by greenery for the LUISS Guido Carli university campus. The intervention, which completes the university spaces and enhances the surrounding green areas, has involved the demolition of an existing shed, subject to landscape constraints, construction from scratch, and the expansion of an educational building.


The hub, which develops over two levels, for a total area of 1.500 sqm, is positioned in the most accessible and picturesque point of the complex landscape, near a small wood located to the south of the lot, the last extension of the park and the campus main square.



該建築分為兩層,總面積為 1,500 平方公尺,坐落在複雜的自然景觀內最為交通便利且風景如畫的地方,靠近南部的一片小樹林,是一座公園和校園主廣場的盡頭。

The project stems from the idea of raising the volume to put it in direct connection with the treetops, freeing up the ground floor as much as possible. The latter houses the entrance, a classroom, and service areas, while the upper floor encompasses an amphitheater and two classrooms.


Surrounded by greenery and with its permeable and transparent skin, the building seems to dissolve into the landscape, evoking the classic tree house, from which it takes not only its outline, but also the welcoming and almost "homely" dimension of the spaces, custom-designed for the students.



The interiors have been carefully designed to guarantee great versatility and host various educational activities, and cultural, artistic, and social events, from conferences to classroom lessons, from gala evenings to film screenings. The amphitheater – designed for multiple uses – and the classrooms, designed to redefine the balance between face-to-face teaching and remote learning, are equipped with sophisticated audiovisual conferencing systems that are perfectly integrated into the architecture.


A cross-flight staircase connects the two levels internally via a double-height space, while a third staircase connects the first floor with the outside. The ground floor, visibly set back, further underlines the lightness of the upper volume and creates a simultaneously open and covered space, equipped for courses and outdoor activities.


The colors, textures and materials of the project were chosen with the same sensitivity: the shades of the metal cladding and the scratched plaster mix with the warm nuance of the wood, in a balanced game of references and contrasts. Inspired by sustainable design principles and made of natural materials, the building has earned the prestigious LEED Platinum Certification.


The suspended acoustic panels that define the false ceiling of the amphitheater, with a coral red color, capture attention from the outside, while their organic silhouette reinforces the dialog with the adjacent grove. The same striking red characterizes the furnishings and some elements of the classrooms — a refined detail that gives the entire complex great visual coherence, especially when the building comes to life in the early evening.





此案在顏色、紋理和材料的選擇上具有相同的敏感性:金屬和石膏的色調與溫暖細緻的木頭色混合,互相滲入和對比,像是在玩一場平衡遊戲。受到可持續性設計原則的啟發,此案的製作都是採用天然材料,也因而獲得了聲望很高的 LEED(能源與環境設計先導)白金認證。


The outdoor spaces have been redesigned with stabilized gravel flooring, while a deck path, protected by the shade of a row of holm oaks, connects the grove area with the square. All the outdoor areas have been equipped and designed to encourage study, informal meetings, relaxation, and play, offering infinite possibilities for aggregation and great flexibility in use.


Resembling an enormous telescope that juts out over the greenery and watches over the square below, the project by Alvisi Kirimoto becomes the new focal point of life on the university campus.



Principal Architects:Massimo Alvisi · Junko Kirimoto · Cristiano Gemma
Contractor:ECOFAST Sistema srl 
Client:Luiss Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli 
Building Area:1,500 m²
Location:Rome, Italy
Photos:©Marco Cappelletti

Collator:Yit-Ming Liang

主要建築師:馬西莫 · 阿爾維西 桐本純子 克里斯蒂亞諾 · 傑瑪

施工單位:ECOFAST 系統有限公司

建築面積:1,500 平方公尺
攝影:馬可 · 卡佩萊蒂


Alvisi Kirimoto
Studio Gemma
工作室堅信,室內設計可以透過創新的空間規劃和創造性地使用材料和調色盤來豐富人們的生活。 我們都應該在情感上與我們居住的空間聯絡起來。 每個人在佔用空間的方式上都是獨一無二的;我們從尋找簡潔的設計簡報開始每個專案,以瞭解你如何生活以及你想如何生活。 我們提供傳統盒子之外的解決方案,以滿足您的個人需求。