Nike WHQ Serena Williams Building, Oregon, United States

美國奧勒岡州 Nike 全球總部-塞琳娜.威廉姆斯大樓

Skylab Architecture|天空實驗室建築師事務所

The Serena Williams Building—a workplace for 2,750 occupants at more than 1 million square feet—is the largest structure at Nike World Headquarters. We led the design of all aspects of this complex building and program, including core and shell, interior design and furniture selection, and branding integration. The building consists of four parts: an underground parking garage and loading dock; a merchandising center for prototype retail spaces; integrated design studios for multiple product categories; and a 12-story tower with shared amenities for all of campus. A fluid state design strategy facilitates connections among designers and between disparate parts of the business. We created a variety of scales of gathering spaces to foster identity and connectivity, both indoor and outdoor. The building is organized around a principle that all designers for each brand within the business occupy a single level, while the services stack vertically between levels. In a first for Nike, products can move from sketch to prototype to final design to retail fixture all under one roof.


塞琳娜.威廉姆斯大樓面積超過一百萬平方英尺,可容納兩千七百五十人,是 Nike 全球總部最大的建築。設計團隊領導了包含核心、外觀、室內設計、家具選擇及品牌整合之設計。建築由四大部分組成,包含地下停車場和卸貨平台、原型零售空間的銷售中心、多個產品類別的集合設計工作室,以及一座十二層樓高的塔樓。設計中加入能促進設計師間及不同部門間連結的流體狀態設計,室內和室外創造各種規模的交流空間,原則上一層樓為一企業內的品牌,各層之間以垂直堆疊,對 Nike 而言,這也是首次可以在同一處完成草圖、原型、最終設計和零售等過程的建築體。

In its former life, the building site next to a beautiful wetland. We buried the existing access road along with all parking and loading to minimize the visual presence of cars and trucks. Eeach of the building’s distinct bars, or wings, cascade to the south and feature inhabitable, interlacing green roof terraces that overlook the wetland. The negative spaces such as courtyards, gardens, plazas and a sunken tennis court break down the scale of the building and provide informal outdoor spaces for work, recreation and relaxation. Natural light floods the workspaces along each bar from glazing on two sides and skylights above communicating stairs. Exposed concrete on the interior provides a raw, open palette in the design studios. Energy efficient mechanical systems include displacement ventilation and radiant sails. When building design reaches the scale of urban design, sustainability is non-negotiable.



Design TeamJeff KovelBrent GrubbSusan Barnes Robin WilcoxNita PosadaLouise Foster

Structural EngineeringThornton Tomasetti

ContractorHoffman Construction

ClientNike, Inc.

Site Area99,060 m2

Principal MaterialsAluminum panel rain screen systemGlass curtain wallStone claddingExposed concreteSteel structureConcrete tile raised access floor system

LocationBeaverton, Oregon

PhotosJeremy Bittermann

InterviewGrace Hung

TextSkylab Architecture


設計團隊:傑夫.科維爾 布倫特.格拉布 蘇珊.巴恩斯 羅賓.威爾科克斯 尼塔.波薩達 路易絲.福斯特



業主: Nike








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