Exhibition nuns + monks, Gladstone Gallery, New York, USA

美國紐約 修女與僧侶展

Ugo Rondinone|烏戈.阮德洛尼

Gladstone Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Ugo Rondinone from the artist's latest body of work, nuns + monks. The exhibitions are the products of intense focus and a constant renewal of his relationship with the materials. To this end, Ugo Rondinone organize his studio so that he can dedicate himself to only one production at a time, and it fully occupies his attention. Nonetheless, subjects and formal experiments carry over from one medium to another, and the window sculptures in nuns + monks provide a sense of the scope of his interests and passions between the inner self and the natural work. They also demonstrate how he gives his motifs space to come into focus at their own pace.  

The natural world is his first source of inspiration. It started with the large ink landscapes at the end of the 1980s. In the middle of the AIDS crisis in 1989 he turned away from grief and found in nature a spiritual road map for solace, regeneration, and inspiration. In nature one enters a space where the sacred and the profane, the mystical and the mundane, vibrate against one another. nuns + monks continues to address the dual reflection between the inner self and the natural world. Just as the external world one sees is inseparable from one's internal structures, nuns + monks allows such layers of signification to come in and out of focus, prompting the viewer to revel in the pure sensory experience of color, form, and mass while simultaneously engendering an altogether contemporary version of the sublime. Like a diarist, he record the living universe: this season, this day, this hour, this sound in the grass, this crashing wave, this sunset, this end of the day, this silence.


格萊斯頓畫廊很高興能夠呈現烏戈.阮德洛尼(Ugo Rondinone)的新作品:最新創作的 《修女與僧侶》(nuns + monks)系列。本展是在極致關注下所完成的作品,也表現出烏戈.阮德洛尼與材料之間持續衍生新物的作品。為此,烏戈.阮德洛尼整理個人工作室,以能夠一次僅專注一件作品,並將所有的心力投注其中。儘管如此,為了實驗作品主題和型態,仍然必須不斷地從一種媒材轉換至另一種媒介,從《修女與僧侶》的窗戶雕塑裡,即可感受烏戈.阮德洛尼對於內在自我和自然題材之間的關注與興趣焦點,同時也可看出烏戈.阮德洛尼如何給予自我的主題空間,才得以聚焦於它們自己的步調。



Artist:Ugo Rondinone
Principal Materials:Bronze
Exhibition Location:Gladstone Gallery, New York, America
Photos.Text:Gladstone Gallery
Interview:IW Editorial Dept.
Collator:IW Editorial Dept.


Ugo Rondinone|烏戈.阮德洛尼