It's Kind of a Circular Story, Biennale Architettura 2023, Venice, Italy

義大利 2023 威尼斯建築雙年展:一個循環的故事

AMAA Collaborative Architecture Office For Research And Development | AMAA 協同架構研發辦公室

At the Corderie of the Arsenale in Venice, a new work by AMAA, titled "It's Kind of a Circular Story," is on display in the "Dangerous Liaisons" section of the main exhibition of the Biennale Architettura 2023 where Lesley Lokko invited practitioners from around the world who work across disciplinary boundaries, geographies, and new forms of partnership and collaboration. The project proposes an unprecedented architectural and morphological renewal of a complex site: the former NATO base in Monte Calvarina. "It's Kind of a Circular Story" provides a virtuous example of re-inventing former carbon-intensive military facilities as new zeroemission hubs for innovation.


今年,AMAA 團隊於威尼斯雙年展主展區「危險關係」中展出新作品「一個循環的故事」。策展人萊斯利.洛克邀請多位橫跨學科、地域及形式的合作者共同策劃該項目,主要是針對前北大西洋公約組織之基地進行前所未有的建築形態更新,將過往的碳密集型軍事設施重新改造為新的零排放創新中心。

The reinforced concrete element the visitor encounters in the installation is a suspended fragment of one of the structural elements of the abandoned military base. It is also positioned above the table, but it does not exert any physical weight on its surface. The iron staircase, also part of the military structure, is situated in front of the concrete element, suggesting the possibility of approach and interaction. There is a hole in the concrete, and through it one can see a film that depicts the journey of the fragment from the NATO base to Venice. The weighty model of the Monte Calvarina project rests on a delicate, wide table crafted from salvaged brass scraps. The table, conceived by AMAA, was made using repurposed brass sheets that were previously considered as waste materials from De Castelli's production process.



The exhibition "It's Kind of a Circular Story" is a collaborative effort between AMAA and several artists, each contributing to expand the exploration of the site and the possibilities of the project. The idea of using architecture as a laboratory for the future is explored through a design approach that seeks to tap into the potential of existing structures. By reexamining and expanding upon them, new creative energies and possibilities are unlocked for their reuse.


「一個循環的故事」展覽是 AMAA 與幾位藝術家的合作成果,每一位藝術家都致力於擴大對場地的探索和項目的可能性。通過一種旨在挖掘現有結構潛力的設計方法,探索將建築用作未來實驗室的想法,該項目通過重新審視和擴展它們,賦予新創造能量和無限可能性。

Principal Architects:Marcello Galiotto.Alessandra Rampazzo
Curator:Lesley Lokko
Authorial Collaborators:Nero/Alessandro Neretti.Ernesta Caviola.Davide Faedo and Eros Rossetto (blaa Universe).Lorenzo Mason Studio.Harry Thaler
Technical Collaborators:De Castelli.Faces Engineering
Principal Materials:Reinforced concrete.Brass
Location:Venice, Italy
Photos:Mikael Olsson (built installation)/Elena Pellizzer (model)
Text:AMAA Collaborative Architecture Office For Research And Development
Interview:Grace Hung

主要建築師:馬塞洛.加利奧托 亞歷山德拉.蘭帕佐
創意合作:尼祿/亞歷山德羅.內雷蒂 埃內斯塔.卡維奧拉 戴維德.費多 厄洛斯.羅塞托(blaa Universe) 洛倫佐梅森工作室 哈利.泰勒
技術合作:De Castelli.Faces Engineering
文字:AMAA 協同架構研發辦公室

AMAA Collaborative Architecture Office For Research And Development

AMAA 協同架構研發辦公室

AMAA Collaborative Architecture Office For Research And Development | AMAA 協同架構研發辦公室