Nuanu Creative City, Bali, Indonesia

印尼峇裡島 努阿努創意城

Singapore, Tuesday 26 March 2024 - Nuanu Creative City, set to officially open its doors in July 2024, represents a visionary project embodying the essence of harmonious living. Post-launch, Nuanu City will offer a transformative experience that combines art, culture, innovation and social impact, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a meaningful and enriching journey in Bali.


努阿努創意城(Nuanu Creative City)將於 2024 7 月正式開業,它是一個富有遠見的藝術項目,旨於體現了平靜浪漫生活的核心態度。啟用後,努阿努城將提供集藝術、文化、創新和社會影響於一體的變革性體驗,使其成為那些在巴厘島尋求有意義和豐富旅程的人的必到之地。

Located within the captivating coastline of Nyanyi, Bali, Indonesia, Nuanu stands as a testament to innovation, collaboration, and global impact. Spanning 44 hectares of pristine landscape, the Creative City epitomises a dynamic community where creators, leaders, and changemakers converge to catalyse positive change. Rooted in an integrated ecosystem, Nuanu features dedicated spaces that centre around Education, Art & Culture, Wellness, Entertainment and Nature-inspired Living.At Nuanu, our vision goes beyond just a touristic destination; we aim to create a living, breathing ecosystem designed to inspire, connect, and catalyze positive change. As we prepare to launch Nuanu this summer, we are excited to unveil the culmination of four years of experimentation and craftsmanship in shaping this Creative City.” - Sergey Solonin, Founder of Nuanu.


努阿努創意城坐落於印尼峇裡島 Nyanyi 迷人的海岸線上,是創新、合作和全球影響力的見證。其佔地 44 公頃的原始景觀,是一個充滿活力的社區縮影,匯集創造者、領導者和改革者們聚集在一起,促進積極的革新轉變。本案植根於綜合生態系統,使其成為擁有教育、藝術、文化、健康、娛樂和自然生活為中心的專用場域。團隊的目標是創建一個生機勃勃的生態系統,旨在激發、聯繫和催化積極的變化。「我們準備於今年夏日推出努阿努創意城,揭曉這四年來塑造這座創意城市的實驗和工藝的巔峰之作。 」- 謝爾蓋·索洛寧,努阿努創始人。

ProEd Global School, Nuanu Campus
Nuanu - Harmony

From July 2024, visitors to Nuanu can immerse themselves in a diverse array of experiences, each offering a unique blend of creativity, cultural enrichment and environmental consciousness. Overlooking the spectacular Nyanyi Beach, the Luna Beach Club is a seaside sanctuary, promising to redefine the beach club experience globally, while offering an unparalleled destination for relaxation, culinary delights and entertainment. Meanwhile, the Labyrinth Collective invites artists of all disciplines on a transformative journey of self-discovery to delve into the depths of creativity; their offerings include a creative studio, Art Gallery, artist retreat centre and a versatile space designed for immersive visual and sensory experiences. At ProEd Global School, learners of all ages can engage in a dynamic educational environment focused on holistic development fostering academic excellence, character development, and global awareness. 


仰賴本案的精心設計,遊客得以沉浸在豐富多彩的體驗中,體驗創造力、文化內涵和環保意識的獨特融合。俯瞰壯觀的 Nanyyi 海灘,露娜海灘俱樂部(Luna Beach Club)為一海濱聖地,預計重新定義海灘俱樂部的體驗,同時提供一個休閒、美食和娛樂目的。同時,迷宮俱樂部(Labyrinth Collective)邀請各行各業的藝術家踏上自我發現的蛻變之旅,深入探索創造力的奧秘;其提供創意工作室、藝術畫廊、藝術家靜修中心以及專為身臨其境的視覺和感官體驗而設計的多功能空間。而在 ProEd Global School 中,所有年齡層的學生都可以在充滿活力的教育環境中學習,這種環境注重學生的全面發展,以促進學生的學業成績、人格發展和全球意識。

Luna Beach Club (1)
Oshom Boutique Hotel
Tower of Bhuma by Arthur Mamou

 Visitors exploring Nuanu will also encounter a series of landmark art installations enhanced by visual mapping projections, including Earth Sentinels, an awe-inspiring sculpture by South African artist Daniel Popper that serves as a reminder of our connection to nature and its purity.


探索努阿努的遊客亦將遇到一系列透過視覺映射投影增強的標誌性藝術裝置,包括南非藝術家丹尼爾.波普爾 (Daniel Popper) 創作的令人驚嘆的雕塑《地球哨兵》(Earth Sentinels),旨在緩想人類與自然及其純潔性的連結。

Earth Sentinels by Daniel Popper
Luna Beach Club (2).jpg
Eco Path

The Tower of Bhuma designed by French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani, inspired by the golden ratios and constructed using reclaimed timber from an old colonial bridge and a rattan exterior. Bhuma, meaning Earth in Sanskrit, serves as a symbol of inspiration and contemplation.


Bhuma 塔由法國建築師 Arthur Mamou-Mani 設計,其靈感來自黃金比例,並使用舊殖民時期橋樑的再生木材和藤條外觀建造。 Bhuma,梵語中的意思是“地球”,是靈感和沈思的象徵。


The Eco Path, a symbiosis of art and nature offering a futuristic audiovisual experience through the heart of Nuanu. Harmony, a social health and wellness complex, is dedicated to health, healing and transformation while OSHOM Boutique Hotel and Taman Terra provides an opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation providing the pinnacle of Balinese hospitality.


生態之路則是藝術與自然的共生,在努阿努的中心地帶提供未來主義的視聽體驗。 Harmony 是一個社會健康和養生綜合體,致力於健康、康復和轉變,而 OSHOM Boutique Hotel Taman Terra 則提供放鬆和恢復活力的機會,體現巴厘島熱情好客的頂峰。

Suara Festival

To further enrich the cultural landscape, Nuanu plays host to an exciting lineup of international festivals, such as the Suara Festival, a three-day extravaganza with a unique blend of Independent art, music, culture, and wellness from 26 - 28 July, 2024. CoinFest, the annual Web3 festival will be held at Nuanu in August 2024 followed by DEEP, a wellness festival for creative thinkers, visionaries and artists (taking place in October, 2024. These festivals celebrate the diversity of global music, art, and technology, inviting visitors to connect, engage, and be inspired by the vibrant energy of Nuanu's dynamic community.


為了進一步豐富文化景觀,努阿努舉辦了一系列令人興奮的國際節日,例如 2024 7 26 日至 28 日舉行的 Suara 節,為期三天的盛會,融合了獨立藝術、音樂、文化和健康。一年一度的 Web3 節日 CoinFest 將於 2024 8 月在努阿努舉行,隨後是面向創意思想家、夢想家和藝術家的健康節 DEEP 等(將於 2024 10 月舉行)。節慶慶祝全球音樂、藝術和技術的多樣性 ,邀請遊客相互聯繫、參與,並受到 Nuanu 充滿活力的社區的活力的啟發。

Taman Terra


About Nuanu 

Nuanu is a creative city spanning 44 hectares in Bali, Indonesia, embodying a commitment to harmonious living. This vibrant community of creators, leaders, and changemakers is empowered to foster a culture of positive change. Designed as an integrated ecosystem, the city features dedicated spaces for education, art & culture, wellness, entertainment, and nature-inspired living, envisioning a future where these elements seamlessly intertwine. 



努阿努是印尼峇裡島一座佔地 44 公頃的創意城市,體現了對和諧生活的承諾。這個由創造者、領導者和變革者組成的充滿活力的社區有能力培養積極變革的文化。這座城市被設計為一個綜合生態系統,擁有教育、藝術和文化、健康、娛樂和自然生活的專用空間,並設想了一個這些元素無縫交織的未來。