Plato Contemporary Art Gallery, Ostrava, Czech Republic

捷克奧斯特拉瓦 柏拉圖當代藝廊

KWK Promes|KWK頗汨使建築事務所

The project came about as a result of a competition to turn a dilapidated old slaughterhouse in the Czech city of Ostrava into the PLATO Contemporary Art Gallery. By saving a historic building and turning it into an art gallery, we have introduced a solution that makes art more democratic. By rotating the walls in an unusual way, it goes outside the building. We transformed the space around the gallery, which had previously been contaminated, into a biodiverse art park for the benefit of local residents.



The walls of the slaughterhouse were dilapidated and battered in many places by huge holes. The soot-reddened brickwork bore witness to the city's industrial history. We took these deficiencies at face value and added another layer to the history of the building, which is under conservation protection. We were allowed to preserve the character of the soiled brick and the windows, and to fill in the openings in the walls with contemporary material while retaining the old ornamentation of the brick walls. We also used the adopted principle of recreating all non-existent elements of the building from micro-concrete to rebuild the collapsed section of the slaughterhouse.



The main idea of the project is based on maintaining the functionality of the openings as shortcuts connecting the building to the city. Hence the idea that their new infills could rotate and open the exhibition rooms directly to the outside. This has provided artists and curators with entirely new exhibition possibilities and allows art to literally 'go out' into the space around the building. Mobility has meant that culture, in the broadest sense, has the potential to become more democratic, as well as accessible to new audiences. We convinced the authorities to abandon the concrete paving. The contaminated soil there was rehabilitated and replaced by a biodiverse park with water-permeable floors, flower meadows and with retention basins. The layout of the greenery refers to the location of the buildings that once supported the slaughterhouse, and edible crops, also inside the gallery, complete the transformation of the site. The result is an inclusive space that sensitises not only to art but also to environmental issues.



主要建築師:羅伯特.科涅茨尼 米哈烏.利辛斯基 多羅塔.斯科拉

結構工程:MS 雅羅斯拉夫.哈布爾納爾 彼得.漢科






影像:朱利葉斯.索科洛夫斯基 雅庫布.切爾托維奇




Principal ArchitectsRobert KoniecznyMichał LisińskiDorota Skóra

Structural EngineeringMSJaroslav HabrnalPetr Hanko

ContractorZlínstav a.s.

Character of SpaceArt Gallery

Principal MaterialsBrickMicrocementLime plasterCeramic screen printed windowsGrey TPO membrane covered roofs

Principal StructureReinforced concreteSteel

LocationOstrava, Czech Republic

PhotosJuliusz SokołowskiJakub Certowicz

TextRobert KoniecznyKWK Promes

InterviewAna Wang

KWK Promes|KWK頗汨使建築事務所
波蘭 KWK Promes 的創始人兼負責人Robert Konieczny ,擅長以巧妙概念和獨特設計而聞名。