Say No Mo, Kyiv, Ukraine

烏克蘭基輔 Say No Mo美容院

Say No Mo is a conceptually new format of a beauty salon. The ‘heart’ of the salon is a bar used for both beauty services and traditional cocktail receptions. The main task faced by balbek bureau from the very start of the design process was to break away from a traditional perception of a conventional beauty salon, and its gender distinction. Say No Mo is a 200-sq. m, two-level premises in an old building in Kyiv. With the curved-walls geometry and without a single parallel wall, the place boasts 4-meter high ceilings and has a distinctive atmosphere. The ground level of the salon features several zones: reception, lounge, manicure/bar, and pedicure. The basement level contains a make-up zone, hair care, cosmetology, restroom, and facilities.


One of the main visual accents of the salon is located in the reception area and creates an instant wow-effect in visitors. The cast-in-situ concrete ‘broken’ arch serves as a metaphor for broken stereotypes in the beauty industry. The reception zone has a lounge area with furniture groups and a fireplace that serves not only as a waiting area but also as a place to socialize during cocktail parties. Another main element and a signature mark of the interior is a set of the rounded ‘golden’ panels. Their shape envelopes the walls and columns and visually joins 3 zones: the entrance to the salon, the bar, and the pedicure zone. The pedicure zone is located on podiums the ergonomics design of which is a perfect fit for nail technicians. Podiums are equipped with integrated sliding drawers and washbasins for the use of the salon staff; during parties, they are covered with hollow coffee tables. In the middle of the zone, there is a free-standing washbasin that was assembled from two Soviet-era baby bathtubs. The salon’s name – Say No Mo – is in tune with balbek bureau’s approach to this project. ‘Say No Mo’ to the traditional point of view on designing beauty salons, gender distinction, ordinary solutions.  And ‘Yes’ – to the flight of imagination, creativity, and aesthetics.


Say No Mo 是一家新型概念的美容沙龍。沙龍的中心(heart)位置是一個酒吧,用於美容服務和傳統雞尾酒會。在設計過程中,巴爾貝·克局 (balbek bureau) 從一開始就面對一項主要任務,就是該如何打破人們對傳統美容沙龍的固有認知以及刻板的性別印象。Say No Mo位於基輔一棟200平方米的兩層老建築中,不僅全面採用了弧形牆壁的幾何結構,更找不到一堵能與之平行的牆,4米的挑高天花板讓這裡擁有了別具一格的氣氛。沙龍的地面樓層設有四個區域:接待區、休息區、美甲區/酒吧和足療區,而地下一樓則包含了化妝區、護髮區、美容區、衛生間和一些設備。


該沙龍其中一個主要的視覺重點是接待區,讓訪客踏入此處就不禁眼前一亮,以現澆方式塑造的斷裂式(broken)混凝土拱門,更暗藏了打破美容行業刻板印象的隱喻。接待區那裡設有一個休息區,那裡的傢俱套組和壁爐裝飾除了供訪客等候,更是雞尾酒會時進行社交活動的好地方。在沙龍的室內設計中,另一個主要的元素和標誌則是一系列圓弧形的「黃金」(golden)面板。這個圓弧的設計包覆了牆壁和圓柱,從視覺上連接了三個區域:沙龍的入口處、酒吧,以及足療區。足療區安置在加高的平台上,其設計符合人體工學,不僅非常適合美甲師,還配有供沙龍工作人員使用的整體式滑動抽屜和洗臉盆;聚會時,這些抽屜和洗臉盆則會被中空的咖啡桌覆蓋。在足療區中央有一個獨立的洗臉盆,是由兩個蘇聯時代的嬰兒浴缸所組成的。沙龍的名稱「Say No Mo」完全符合巴爾貝˙克局對這項企劃的態度:對美容沙龍設計、性別區分、和常規解決方案的傳統觀念表示「夠了,別說了」(Say No Mo),並對飛躍的想像力、創意與美學說「無任歡迎」(Yes)。

Principal Architects:S l a v a Ba l b e k ˙S o f iia H u p a lo v s k a ˙Na t a l i y a S t u k o n o g

Character of Space:Beauty Salon

Total Floor Area:2 0 0 ㎡

Location:Ky i v , U k r a i ne

Photos:Yev heni i A v r a m enk o

Interview:Rowena Liu

Text:b a lb e k b u r e a u


主要設計建築師:薩瓦˙貝克勒克   蘇菲亞․霍普瓦斯   娜塔莉˙斯圖克․諾格