New Mayoral Campus Logistics Center, Málaga, Spain

西班牙馬拉加 服飾品牌物流中心

System Arquitectura

The new building is located on the Mayoral Campus in Intelhorce, Málaga. The high-storage program requires bringing the new building to a height of 20 meters with a floor area of over 15,000 square meters, making it a massive volume very close to the existing building, which is only 11 meters high. That is why it had to be treated with the necessary sensitivity to integrate conveniently with its neighbor. Integration not only at the volumetric level but also at the conceptual level, seeking a common language rooted in the textile industry represented by both buildings. From this condition, the two driving ideas of the project arise. First, the breaking of the conventional rectangular prism for this typology by arching its facades and separating as much as possible from the existing building to soften the large height difference between the buildings and their volume. Furthermore, the search for an envelope with a textile language that dialogues with the original warehouse, exploring in this case the concept of the transparency and opacity of fabrics. The 5 large arches that form the 4 facades are subdivided in turn into a series of smaller arches that blur the roundness of the large volume that is generated, giving the final appearance of a building wrapped in fabric. It is a work with a high degree of prefabrication and modulation. Except for the foundation and some minor items, the entire project has been prefabricated in the workshop and assembled on-site. Prefabrication, together with the use of BIM technology during the design, project, and construction processes, has allowed for precise compliance with the deadlines and budget.


該座新物流中心位於西班牙馬拉加的品牌校區內,基於業主對儲存量的需求,其量體面積至少得達 15,000 平方公尺以上,然而透過定調,整體樓高為 20 公尺,使得新量體與周邊樓高僅 11 公尺的既有建築差異甚小。設計團隊慎重且敏銳性地處理全區規劃,不僅控制量體規模以有效整合鄰地關係,在概念層面,更尋求一種植根於當地新舊建築所代表的紡織工業語彙。基於上述特殊條件,促使兩個主要設計概念應運而生。首先,建築外觀跳脫傳統物流中心的矩形型態,反而將立面微微拱起、內凹,儘可能與既有建築分離,以柔化整體建築及其碩大體積的存在感;再者,藉由具紡織元素的表層與環境對話。在作品中,團隊探索織物在穿透與遮蔽之間的模糊概念,最終藉由 5 座大型拱門界定量體四方,其中,大型拱門再以一系列小拱門作分割,提供量體的細膩圓滑度,從而形塑建築彷彿被織物層層包覆的錯覺。此外,該項目為高度模組化的作品。除基礎工程和部分零件之外,整體施作均在工廠預製並送至現場組裝;同時,從設計到完工皆使用 BIM(建築資訊模型)技術,確保專案能精確遵守時程與預算。

Principal ArchitectsRafael Urquiza

CollaboratorsRafael Roa HernándezAlberto Urquiza

Structural EngineeringCemosa


Character of SpaceLogistics center

ClientMayoral Moda Infantil SAU

Building Area18,814.56

Principal MaterialsMetal structureZinc sheet (exterior skin)Polycarbonate skin (interior skin)

LocationMálaga, Spain

PhotosFernando Alda

TextSystem Arquitectura

InterviewGrace Hung



合作設計師:拉斐爾.羅亞.埃爾南德斯 阿爾貝托.烏爾奎扎




業主:Mayoral Moda Infantil SAU







System Arquitectura