Brick house in La Eliana, Valencia, Spain

西班牙瓦倫西亞 拉埃利亞納的磚房

sanchis Olivares|桑吉斯.奥利瓦建築師事務所

In a decades-old established garden city, on the suburbs of Valencia, an old tennis court became a plot on which we were asked to build. It offered us a flat terrain, with surrounding vegetation as a backdrop, a large tree and an old underground warehouse that became a swimming pool. The lack of collective life in the streets of this urban model leads us to a typology that looks inwards, protecting and enclosing the exterior space in the search for the user's relationship with it.


On the east façade there are openings, gaps and a courtyard that allow the morning light to enter the rooms, while in the western side there is a flat, opaque façade that seeks shelter from the sun under the surrounding vegetation. In a reference to the surrounding residential architecture, the house is built with bricks made from white clay. Located on the southern terrace, it is contrasted by a light overhanging pergola built from pine slats that provides a shaded outdoor space. This pergola, together with the thickness of the enclosures, the cross ventilation and the house's response to the different solar orientations, together form a system of passive measures that improve its climatic performance.




住宅東邊立面有開口、縫隙和庭院,可以讓晨光灑進房間,而西側有個平坦且不透明的立面,方便人們在周圍植被的庇護下躲避陽光。住宅參考周邊的建築形式,讓這座房子是用白色黏土磚建造而成。位於南邊的露台上,由松木板條建造的輕盈懸垂的涼棚與住宅形成鮮明對比,除了提供了一處陰涼的戶外空間,這個涼棚連同圍護結構的厚度、交叉通風和房屋對不同太陽方向的反應,共同形成一個被動措施系統(system of passive),以改善住宅之氣候性能。

Principal ArchitectsEsther SanchisÁlvaro Olivares

Structural EngineeringEsther Sanchis

ContractorATG Desarrollos

Character of SpaceResidential

Building Area198

Principal StructureBrickWood

LocationValencia, Spain

PhotosÁlvaro Olivares

Textsanchis olivares

InterviewGrace Hung


主要建築師:埃絲特.桑吉斯 阿爾瓦羅.奥利瓦


施工單位:ATG 德薩羅洛斯








sanchis Olivares|桑吉斯.奥利瓦建築師事務所
sanchis olivares es un estudio de arquitectura ubicado en Godella (València). Está formado por Esther Sanchis y Álvaro Olivares, arquitectos por la ETSA de València (UPV) en 2018.