Eight tenths Garden, Shanghai, China

中國上海 八分園

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Eight tenths Garden is an art museum dedicated to arts and crafts, which can also be used as a venue for the conference in the idle hours. It has a coffee shop, a library, offices, bed and breakfasts, as well as a restaurant, study rooms and chess rooms. It is a micro cultural complex in all. It was originally a sales center. The sales center was one of the two-story buildings on the street’s triangular corner, with a four-story circular hall embedded on the top of it.



We hope the building could reveal the spirit of Shanghai. The spirit of Shanghai is life based, which is a richness not only pleasant but also restrained. Thus, the space of this 2000 square meters’ building should be abundant in variation but also has a connection with each other. We do not want the obsessive minimalism, nor do we want an exaggerated scene which lacks of connections. We used antithesis to unfold the space. The garden in the outside represents complexity, inside building, in the other hand, shows simplicity. But these simplicities are somewhat different. The art museum should be contracted and powerful, but the study room and the restaurant next to it should be warm and soft. The joint offices on the third floor would be close to rough, and the bed and breakfast on the fourth floor goes back to a restraint of elegance. People could easily read a spirituality from it. On the top of the roof, we pay tribute to the ancient literati garden by placing a vegetation garden.


團隊期望這棟建築能夠彰顯上海精神――以生活為基礎,一種既愉悅又內斂的豐富性。因此這棟 2000 平方米的建築空間既要有層次的變化,亦要有相互間的連結。非執著的極簡主義,也非缺乏連結的誇張場景,而是使用對立面來展開空間。自外部的花園繁華,漸進入內部建築的簡約,再到藝術博物館作為場域重心,兩旁的書房和餐廳則以柔和平衡。三樓的聯合辦公室粗獷、四樓民宿則回歸內斂優雅。在屋頂的頂層更選擇向古代的文人園林致敬,規劃為一座植被花園。

The bed and breakfasts on the fourth floor is hidden surprise of the whole Eight tenths Garden. Each BNB has a courtyard in the air. There settles a “four water belongs to the hall” patio in the public area. The courtyards are contemporary Chinese courtyards, originated and refined from the painting of Chou Ying, which is a practice of the vertical city, trying to build a real villa in the air.

 Our designed part is adhering to the neighborhood committee and the street shops. Inside the courtyard, we have two back walls in addition to the garden hall, which hangs plenty of air conditioning and a variety of pipes. We used a curtain as a fencing wall to insulate this cluttered environment from the Eight tenths Garden.



For the fencing wall, we tried corrugated board, glazed tile, perforated aluminum (pattern is the pixel style of the “thousands of miles mountains and rivers”), aluminum grille with vertical green. We refused to use the vine green wall, cause the style of the wall is not important but must be black and must not be completely sealed. Only this kind of fencing wall could give a contrast from the surroundings to the Eight tenths Garden, making it a rebirth place raised from the old place. The galvanized frame is also part of the old thing, while the black grille is new. The pattern is not important, but the final size of the pattern should be study case it determines the aesthetic details. Only black can split the fencing walls and old things and become the background of the central gorgeous round curtain modestly.




We designed the bamboo entrance in the front yard, makes the Eight tenths Garden independent. But the Eight tenths garden is not a private garden, it is freely open to the surrounding residents, which makes the garden approved by the surrounding residents. They cherish the garden, feeling satisfied to walk quietly in the garden a few steps to meet. This is why we put the front yard design into the urban micro-space revival plan. The street was once a simple aisle, the original landscape was worn-out, but our front yard changed the corner, making it lively again. The sociological meaning of architecture is revealed.



Because the garden covers an area of ​​less than about four hundred square meters, just eighty percent of the whole area. The Chinese name “Bafen” derived from this, which could also remind people to live a life medium well but not too full. That’s why the garden called  ’ Eight tenths Garden’.











文字:Wutopia Lab



Principal ArchitectsEight tenths Garden

ContractorShanghai DuJuan Engineering Design and Consultants Limited

Character of SpaceMuseum

Building Area2000

Principal Materialssteel, concrete, aluminum, glass

LocationShanghai, China


TextWutopia Lab

CollectorAna Wang

Wutopia Lab|Wutopia Lab 建築師事務所
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