Sea of Cortez Research Center, Sinaloa, México

墨西哥錫那羅亞 科爾特斯海的教育與研究中心

Tatiana Bilbao Estudio

This building has two fundamental objectives: first, to convey to those who venture into it that we, as human beings, are merely a part of the natural world and that the notion of controlling it is what has alienated us from it; and second, to make explicit how architecture can become a platform to reintegrate ourselves into our ecosystem, enabling us, as a species, to endure on this planet. The Sea of Cortez Research Center is a building that defies familiar typologies. It speaks of a past time, yet it is set in the future.



The Sea of Cortez Research Center arises from the understanding that humans do not control nature; rather, we are an integral part of it, and as such, we must find ways to reconnect with our environment symbiotically. Conceived as a ruin (past or future) invaded by nature, leaving behind a window to a hidden world, the project serves as an educational and research center for one of the world’s richest and most diverse ecosystems: the Sea of Cortez. The Center is part of the overall regeneration program for Mazatlán Central Park. It intends to complement this socially significant area’s public, natural, and cultural aspects. It offers an educational experience of the marine and coastal ecosystems of the Sea of Cortez through spaces dedicated to didactic programs, permanent and temporary exhibitions, laboratories, auditoriums, public squares, administrative areas, and zones for the conservation of endemic species. The building seeks to merge marine and terrestrial elements in its architectural design, deviating from any pre-established typology. This integration is complemented by a program focused on educational and contemplative experiences. Large marine tanks dedicated to different species and ecosystems allow visitors to observe and interact with the endemic marine fauna. The Center also includes a program dedicated to the conservation and rehabilitation of marine species.



The architectural solution, covering an area of 17,300 square meters, presents an orthogonal structure. presents an orthogonal structureof pigmented concrete walls that integrate spaces for the program, structure, envelope, facilities, and connection with the public space. The arrangement of programmatic and functional walls extends irregularly towards the exterior, blending with the landscape through a landscape intervention while providing structural stability. Monumental stairs carry visitors arriving at street level to the extensive roof gardens on top of the building to begin their journey. From the central access plaza, visitors can explore different exhibition ecosystems, such as the open sea, coasts, and undersea forests, as well as access educational programs and public services. The project unfolds on three levels. The ground floor houses administrative areas, school group reception, public services, and facilities for the conservation and life support of marine creatures. The first floor accommodates the general access plaza, the exhibition, and public services. In a designated sector of this floor lies the support area for the large exhibition tanks, with complementary programs and equipment for immersion in the oceanic tank. The remaining facilities and equipment for marine life support area located on the building’s third level. In conclusion, the Sea of Cortez Research Center is a building that seeks to harmoniously integrate with its natural surroundings, offering a comprehensive experience of the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of the Sea of Cortez, allowing nature to reclaim its place in our ‘human world.’


此案建築佔地 17,300 平方米,採用了正交結構的顏料混凝土牆,將專案空間、結構、圍護結構、設施以及與公共空間的連接融為一體。程序牆和功能牆的排列不規則地向外部延伸,透過景觀的介入與之融為一體,同時提供結構穩定性。具有紀念意義的樓梯將從街上抵達頂部的遊客帶到寬闊的屋頂花園,開始他們的旅程。在中央入口廣場上,遊客可以探索不同的展覽生態系統,如公海、海岸和海底森林,還可以參與教育計畫和享受公共服務。項目共分為三層。底層為行政區、學校團體接待區、公共服務區以及海洋生物保護和生命維持設施。地面樓層為普通入口廣場、展覽及公共服務區。這一層的一個指定區域是大型展覽水槽的輔助區,配有浸泡在海洋水槽中的配套項目和設備。其餘的海洋生物輔助設施和設備位於建築的第三層。科爾特斯海的研究中心是一座力求與周圍自然環境和諧共處的建築,為人們提供海洋和陸地生態系統的綜合體驗,讓大自然在「人類世界」中重新佔有一席之地。


結構工程: SENER







文字:Tatiana Bilbao Estudio



Principal ArchitectsTatiana Bilbao Spamer

Structural EngineeringSENER

ContractorKingu Mexicana

Character of SpaceResearch Center

Building Area17300

Principal StructureConcrete

LocationSinaloa, México

PhotosSENER Model / Collage: Tatiana Bilbao ESTUDIO

TextTatiana Bilbao Estudio

InterviewAna Wang

Tatiana Bilbao Estudio
Tatiana Bilbao ESTUDIO is a Mexico City based architecture studio, founded in 2004. At the core of the studio ́s practice is an analysis of the context surrounding projects, which scale from masterplans to affordable housing typologies. A goal of the work is to both contribute to its surroundings while remaining flexible to absorb shifting needs.