IMJ Tree House, Jerusalem, Israel

以色列耶路撒冷 以色列博物館樹屋

Ifat Finkelman & Deborah Pinto Fdeda

The entrance courtyard of the Youth Wing for Art Education at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem (IMJ) is a main gathering place for visitors- adults, children and groups- within its modern concrete-and-stone architectural surroundings. The project, a renewal of the courtyard, combines a program open to interpretation by its users with a clearly defined context.



The existing pine tree is the focus of the project, the physical anchor of the design concept. As a tribute to the childhood collective memory of a tree house, a small roofed structure where children can hide and over look at, is positioned high up the tilted trunk, raised above the meticulous surroundings of the museum.  Along with its strong iconic appearance, it also functions as the peak of one continuous structural folded element allows various situations occur along.



The structural technique, 2 cm Ipea boards fixed to a light steel skeleton, creates a range of transparencies from top to bottom. While gradually transforming towards the ground, the element’s surface becomes a playground; sitting elements framing a topography covered with a soft EPDM rubber surface. All these carefully hide the underground infrastructure configuration as well as a widespread root system. At night, the house is the only element illuminated and emerges floating above the courtyard's entrance.


結構技術為將 2 公分重蟻木板固定於輕鋼骨架,產生由下至上一定程度的透明性。當建築逐漸向地面轉變,設計元素表面又變成了遊樂場。構成地板表面的座位元素由柔軟的 EPDM 橡膠表面覆蓋。這些設計都小心地隱藏地下基礎設施配置,以及廣泛的植物根系統。到了夜晚,樹屋是唯一被照亮的元素,彷彿漂浮在庭院入口上方。

Principal Architects:Ifat Finkelman・

Deborah Pinto Fdeda

Structural Engineering:Ilan Ben David Engineers ltd.

Contractor:Greensky ltd.

Character of Space:Playground and entrance courtyard

Client:Ruth Youth Wing for Art Education・

Israel Museum Jerusalem (IMJ)

Site Area:150 ㎡

Principal Materials:Ipea wood boards・EPDM surface

Principal Structure:Steel

Location:Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

Photos:Amit Geron

Collator:Yow-Shiuan Chen




結構工程:Ilan Ben David Engineers ltd.

施工單位:Greensky ltd.


業主:路得青年藝術館 以色列博物館

基地面積:150 平方公尺

主要建材:重蟻木・EPDM 橡膠表層





Ifat Finkelman & Deborah Pinto Fdeda
Ifat Finkelman是一名建築師、工作室大師,也是耶路撒冷貝扎雷爾藝術與設計學院建築系後工業部門的負責人。

她在海法以色列理工學院理工學院完成了BArch(Cum Laude,1998年)和理學碩士(2010年),並在倫敦建築協會建築學院(AA)繼續她的MArch學習。

在過去的20年裡,她與以色列的一些領先建築師合作,如Ada Karmi-Melamede、Bracha Chyutin和Moshe Zur,目前獨立工作。