Quzhou Sports Park, Zhejiang, China

中國浙江 衢州運動公園

MAD 建築師事務所

MAD Architects, led by Ma Yansong, has completed Quzhou Stadium, the centerpiece of a complex spanning almost 700,000 square meters that will be known as Quzhou Sports Park in Zhejiang Province. Quzhou is a historic city 400 kilometers southwest of Shanghai and surrounded by dense forests to the east and west, its sinuous exterior profile reflects the mountain ridge within distant view of the site while its landscape evokes those of planets imagined by visionary science fiction authors.


由馬岩松建築師領導的 MAD 建築師事務所,於中國浙江完成衢州體育館的建設工程。該案在占地七十萬平方公尺的建築群中扮演重要角色,而這些建築群便被稱作衢州運動公園。作為一座歷史悠久的城市,此地區周圍有茂密的森林由東向西延展開來,而衢州運動公園蜿蜒的建築輪廓可呼應遠方的山脊景色,同時,該景觀則喚起科幻作家們對星球的無限想像

Despite its impressive 30,000-seat capacity, Quzhou Stadium was designed to appear as a continuation of the surrounding landscape rather than an object standing out against it. Unlike the typically fortress-like stadiums built in urban areas around the world, MAD Architects was determined to build a stadium that would embed much of the technology that went into its production so that it can instead be open to the surrounding public space from nearly every angle.



Appearing from a distance like a halo hovering gently above the landscape, the overhanging structure of Quzhou Stadium is the newest crown jewel of the city. Visitors approach the stadium by walking through the canopy from one of eight entrances, all of which feature complex double-curved surfaces that ripple overhead like ocean waves. The canopy is supported by only nine drop points with a maximum span of 95 meters between them to allow the building to "float" over the landscape while offering framed perspectives of the city from many points of view.



The courtyard designed by BIG Landscape creates a peaceful sensory experience inside the museum as well as outside. A small mirror pool in the heart of the court yard reflects the sky above it. Around the basin, heath planting known from the region emphasizes the identity ofthe area. Visitors leave the museum having experienced a part of an important place in Danish history, with a new perspective on the refugee experience.



MAD 建築師事務所
MAD 建築事務所(MAD Architects / MAD Studio),是一家位於北京的建築事務所。2004年由馬岩松,早野洋介和黨群創建,在洛杉磯和紐約分別設有辦公室。