Ripple Apartment, Singapore

新加坡 漣漪公寓

Right Angle Studio

Conceived as a residence to exude the tranquility of water, this dual-storey apartment has been given a modest overhaul to rejuvenate its interiors. Originally trapped in a blockaded, heated condition, the unit is spatially reconfigured to maximise airflow and access to light sources.


At the lower level, a descended wooden corridor welcomes the user, which then reveals to be a portal structure that conceals access to the kitchen and bedroom strategically. The fluted detailing is inherited by an extended bar counter, which then draws the attention deeper into the living area, accentuated in a lime-washed finish. The customised sofa and lounge chair is seated on opposite ends, encouraging conversations. Another noted mention is the sliding ash screen that doubles as a filtered divider for the outdoor balcony, giving users the experience of a Japanese ryokan. For its dining area, a bespoke marble table is paired with the coherent use of Drop chairs.





The staircase design is reconsidered as well, accommodating a pocket bench and a tailored handrail, which maintains a harmonious visual relationship with the apartment. Stepping up, users are introduced to a defining moment of the space—A serene seascape canvas by photographic artist Lynda Laird (which gives the project its name), presented in a gallery-like manner through the insertion of artificial skylight.


此案之樓梯經過規劃,結合木長椅與訂製扶手,維持整體空間的視覺和諧。拾階而上,將迎來本案的亮點:攝影藝術家 Lynda Laird 的作品——一幅寧靜的海景照(本案因而得名)。藝術攝影以類似畫廊的方式呈現,燈光從夾層天花流入空間,營造極簡氣氛。

At the upper level, the use of symmetry creates a surreal, mirrored impression of the resting quarters. The glass facade resembles a hotel suite, allowing users to wind down at the end of the day.



Principal Architects:Alex Liu・Jay Liu

Contractor:Right Angle Studio

Age of the Client:40-50

Each Floor Area:85 ㎡; 65 ㎡

Total Floor Area:150 ㎡

Principal Materials:Oak, Tundra Grey Marble, Rattan

Location:Central Singapore

Photos:Studio Periphery

Text:Jay Liu

Collator:Yow-Shiuan Chen

主要建築師:Alex Liu、Jay Liu

施工單位:Right Angle Studio
業主年齡:40 至 50 歲
各階面積:85 平方公尺;65 平方公尺
總樓地板面積:150 平方公尺
攝影:Studio Periphery

文字:Jay Liu


Right Angle Studio
Right Angle Studio 總部位於新加坡,是一家屢獲殊榮的室內設計辦公室,致力於打造永恆且引人入勝的空間。自成立以來,該實踐已涉足從住宅到商業空間的各種項目。具體服務包括室內設計諮詢、設計指導、空間規劃、室內裝潢等。