A colorful setting for the new Pediatric Ward of Hospital São João in Porto, Portugal

葡萄牙波多 聖約翰醫院新兒科病房色彩計畫

ARG Studio| ARG工作室

The new Pediatric Ward of Hospital São João in Porto has become the benchmark for the renovation and innovation of the Portuguese Healthcare System. The Hospital Administration had the vision of not only ensure the highest degree of treatment services but also assure the well-being, comfort, and joy of the young patients.


The Interior Architecture project by ARG Studio, sets a sequence of spaces of a programmatic spectrum, from the study area, library, physical activities, virtual games, or simply playing areas. Each room has a color creating an immersive setting which as a whole, and through a varied color palette, provides a dynamic but serene environment. This proposal allows from a toddler to a teenager to be stimulated, offering both communal and sharing areas as well as reclusion and intimate spaces. An \environment that allows the inevitable amplitude of the different recovery states of mind.


Architecture set the color, the color engaged the Illustration, and the Illustration found the main character: the kite. The kite flew out the drawings into the Ward's entrance, the place where this story begins. The kite's Installation becomes alive through the combination of simple shapes scattered along the hall and entrance corridor ceiling. The Illustration project is the kite journey along the ward. A pathway through visual landscapes filled with mysterious plants and hidden animals. An illustrated itinerary on large-scale panels that add little moments of dream and play to the walls, where is possible to question, imagine, or simply contemplate the colorful shapes.





ARG 工作室在建築內設置了一系列空間,包含學習區、圖書館、體育活動、虛擬遊戲區及簡單遊戲區。各個房間都有一個專屬顏色,營造出一種身臨其境的環境。作為一個整體,新兒科病房透過不同色調提供一個充滿活力又寧靜的環境,為蹣跚學步的幼兒到青少年提供一處共享區域及隱蔽的私密空間,同時安撫不同程度的心理狀態療癒。



Principal Architects:Ricardo Guedes

Ilustration Designer:Francisca Ramalho

Total Floor Area:350 ㎡

Location:Porto, Portugal

Photos:Ivo Tavares Studio

Text:ARG Studio

Interview:Grace Hung



空間面積:350 平方公尺



文字:ARG 工作室


ARG Studio| ARG工作室
ARG Studio develops an architecture practice based on research, experimentation, and direct response to the challenges. The projects are a consequence of a free of constrains conceptual approach, with a permanent purpose of reaching the ideal solution for each location, client, and user.