Jade Alley, Miami, Florida, USA

美國邁阿密 翡翠巷

Daniel Toole Architecture

An intervention within a recently revitalized district of Miami, Jade Alley elevates an alleyway into an iconic public place. The project is in the Miami Design District, an area north of downtown Miami that was once pineapple farms, then furniture warehouses, and recently has been revitalized into a major destination with a unique mix of art, retail, fashion, dining, design, and architecture. Through a visionary development and planning team, the district has grown in multiple phases adding new buildings and public spaces, while preserving pieces of the existing fabric. This project revitalizes a leftover alley within this unique neighborhood.



When we began the project, this alley was surrounded by trash rooms, dumpsters, mechanical rooms, transformers, and haphazard parking. The design concept grows out of a ruin-like composition of various sized concrete parabolic arches inserted into the alley, like a miniature viaduct that becomes a new urban structure unifying the future and past - bringing new form, scale, rhythm, and order to the space. Cast in rough sawn board forms, the project seeks to draw from and preserve the rough and informal atmosphere of the original alleyway. The parabolic arch geometry was applied in various ways to new storefronts along the alley and scaled down to transform trash and mechanical rooms of the existing Moore building into small retail and dining spaces to be leased by local businesses.



Flowering trees and lush regional plantings throughout create a comfortable microclimate where people find relief from the Miami heat. As the neighborhood develops, the alley catalyzes new forms of gathering and community expression.  Jade Alley is the only space in the district that allows smaller locally owned businesses the opportunity to have affordable rents in an otherwise international luxury brand dominated streetscape. In addition to regional and global visitors, Jade Alley also serves as the favorite spot for local workers to take their breaks, as well as students from the local design and fashion magnet high school to enjoy time between classes.  An evolving series of murals and art installations by local and global artists such as Virgil Abloh, along with free activities including art walks, family craft days, maker markets, group yoga, and musical performances have cemented this space into Miami’s cultural scene, and it has only continued to thrive during the pandemic.


巷內多樣的花草樹木和特有植被營造愜意氛圍,成為居民、工作者及設計學生們休憩和聚會消暑之最佳去處。除了綠意盎然的景觀,由 Virgil Abloh 等本地和全球藝術家所創作的系列壁畫與藝術裝置,以及藝術漫步、創客市場、和音樂表演等免費藝文活動,使翡翠巷成為融入當地的新興文化景觀。

Principal ArchitectsDaniel Toole ArchitectureSB Architects

Structural EngineeringMcNamara/Salvia

ContractorCoastal Construction

Character of SpaceMixed-use public space

Principal MaterialsConcreteStuccoAluminum

Principal StructureConcrete

LocationMiami, Florida, USA

PhotosHeywood ChanRobin Hill

TextDaniel Toole

CollatorChloe Su








座落位置:美國佛羅裡達州 邁阿密

影像:陳海.伍德 羅賓.希爾




Daniel Toole Architecture
Daniel Toole Architecture is an award-winning architecture and urban design studio based in the Pacific Northwest, working nationally on contemporary, crafted, private, commercial, and public buildings and spaces with a careful attention to detail. The practice places importance on the sculpting of light and materials to create unexpected spaces for contemplation.

The studio works at all scales--from furniture to buildings to masterplans--and continues to grow, working on both coasts of the United States. Current projects include a series of single family residences throughout the west coast, multifamily mixed use buildings, and ongoing research into the sculptural potential of materials and intimate urban spaces.