From the Garden House, Laka, Poland

波蘭拉卡 源自庭院山莊

KWK Promes|KWK頗汨使建築事務所

"From The Garden House" project was an unusual experience for us. The owner had a finished project of the garden, in advanced stages of implementation. And only the house was missing. Something that at first seemed to be a ridiculous reversal of the course of things, once it was explained, became absolutely logical for us. He wanted to be able to enjoy the garden to its full extent after the completion of the construction and moving in. Plants need much more time to reach their target size than it takes to build even such a large house. You might plant big trees after all, however, it is costly and not environmentally friendly.


The ground floor is contrasted with the white minimalist body of the floor. Two different geometries clash, and a softly cut atrium is a link between both floors. The garden surrounding the house from almost all sides flows into its interior through the semi-atrium at ground floor level. We had only a minimal influence on the garden, so we treated it as a natural element that cannot be chosen. Hence the name of the design.


Another important aspect was the investor's wish to expose his rich art collections. Therefore, on the ground floor and the first floor, we created additional, large-size spaces designed exclusively for art exhibition. The host can organize vernissages for a large number of people. Moreover, we placed the most important functions of the house within close proximity to each other to make it user-friendly.The large shutters on the south and west elevations are not only of formal importance - finished with the same plaster as the walls, they close up the building in a uniform shape and, above all, protect valuable art collections from harmful sunlight.







Principal Architect:Robert Konieczny

Collaboration:Michał Lisiński, Marcin Harnasz, Piotr Tokarski

Structural Engineering:Kornel Szyndler Proeco

Character of Space:House

Each Floor Area(㎡):GF:1050 m2 .1F:950 m2

Total Floor Area(㎡):2000 m2

Building Area(㎡):2500 m2

Site Area(㎡):2,5 Ha

Principal Materials:Concrete˙White Smooth Plaster˙Curved Glass Panels

Location:Laka, Poland

Photos:Jakub Certowicz

Interview:Rowena Liu

Text:KWK Promes

Collator:Sophie Huang



參與設計:Michał Lisiński 馬辛.哈納斯 皮特.託卡爾斯基










採訪: 劉湘怡

文字:KWK Promes

整理: 黃姿蓉

KWK Promes|KWK頗汨使建築事務所
波蘭 KWK Promes 的創始人兼負責人Robert Konieczny ,擅長以巧妙概念和獨特設計而聞名。