AUM Pierre Minassian Offices, Lyon, France

法國里昂 AUM 皮耶爾.米那西安建築事務所

AUM Pierre Minassian

The AUM Pierre Minassian studio wished to remake its head office in Lyon, for lack of space but also driven by the desire to live its’ daily life in a place embodying its architectural approach.Enclosed between a boulevard to the north, and a railway to the south, the land offers a potential for a significant visibility. It is also a place of sensitive urban reflection and representative of the issues of revaluation of the peripheries of current cities. The neighborhood, mostly made up of simple houses, lacks sense and coherence.


The construction consists of 3 levels. On the ground floor, an exhibition hall welcomes the visitors showcasing the studio’s many photographs, models, prototypes and pieces of facade. It is the crossroads of the building opening on all 3 floors; it is at the same time the link between the street and the garden. It is also a cultural space dedicated to various live musical and artistic events. A large levitated, organic steel sculpture dominates it. It represents the artery of the construction, the vertical circulation and the life in the agency.

On the second floor is the creative and administrative workspace. Largely open to the outside world, they bathe in natural light all day long and at the same time showcase the studio’s work process.


A generous meeting room on the top floor dominates the building.Always amazed by the strong and capricious nature of the concrete, the free drawings that appear naturally on its surfaces, the drips, the air cavities, the wrinkles, the oxidation, but also by its incomparable plasticity, Pierre Minassian plays with it to carve the building in, which the creative process of the architects will spark on a daily basis. The result is a building that stands like a canvas on which natural light draws freely like a chemical reaction that would create mystical atmospheres.

To avoid any incoherence of reading between the inside and the outside, the glazing, without frame, are embedded in the structure. They adhere to the studio’s philosophy of "architectural truth", for which the shaping of an intention must not be altered by a process, an industrial recommendation or a standard of general implementation. This is why the joinery is in perfect coherence with the templates of the spaces, and their ergonomics.


AUM 皮耶爾.米那西安建築事務所希望改建它們位於里昂的辦公總部,原因是空間不夠,同時也希望日常活動的處所能體現其建築理念。該建築位址地北鄰大街道,南倚鐵路,具有大量提升能見度的潛力。但其周圍多數是簡陋的房屋,缺乏統一美感和連貫性,因此是一個能即時反映城市隱憂的地點,凸顯政府是否該重新規劃目前城市周邊區域的問題。





Principal Architects: Pierre Minassian

Structural Engineering: ICS

Contractor: Duron

Character of space: Office

Client:AUM Pierre Minassian

Principal Occupation of the Consumer:Architect

Principal Age of the Consumer:30 Years Old

Each Floor Area:1F 240 ㎡. 2F 220 ㎡.3F 30 ㎡

Total Floor Area:490 ㎡

Building Area: 240 ㎡

Site Area: 1100 ㎡

Principal Materials:Raw Black Concrete.Raw Steel.Glass

Principal Structure:Concrete

Location: Lyon, France

Photos : Erick Saillet

Interview:Rowena Liu

Text: AUM Pierre Minassian

Collator:Alanna Chou






業主:AUM 皮耶爾.米那西安建築事務所


使用成員年齡: 30歲

各階面積:一樓240平方公尺 二樓220平方公尺 三樓30平方公尺









文字:AUM 皮耶爾.米那西安建築事務所


AUM Pierre Minassian