Turbosealtech Incubator and Office Building, Tehran, Iran

伊朗德黑蘭 Turbosealtech 孵化點子辦公大樓

New Wave Architecture

New business incubator and office building; “Turbosealtech”, designed by New Wave architecture. The project is located in Pardis Technology Park, in suburb of Tehran, aims to provide a platform for people to research and innovate. Pardis Technology Park is made up of developments by architects from Iran, and this project continues this pattern of expressing the vision of Iranian architects through its design team. Turbosealtech is a medium-size project and the area is 2,500 square meters. The design approach focused on an interaction between technology, site, function and landscape.


孵化新企業的辦公室 Turbosealtech 由 New Wave architecture 設計,其位於伊朗德黑蘭市郊的帕迪斯科技園區(Pardis Technology Park),作為提供專業人員研究及創造的平台。帕迪斯科技園區為伊朗建築師所建,此案因而延續伊朗建築師及其設計團隊的設計想法。Turbosealtech 為 2,500 平方公尺的中型建案。設計方法聚焦於科技、地點、功能與景觀的互動。

With considerations toward continuity of site views, heat control and function of the building, the form was generated. The volume of the building is drawn out of the ground, creates a visually beautiful skyline and harmony with the environment. The exterior of the building is wrapped in a glass envelope, helps allow in natural light and the aluminum profiles on the outer layer, controls the internal heat gain. The exposed structure used for the interior, is taken from the form of the building which represents characteristic structure of industrial buildings.



The glass pyramid shaped building is divided into five horizontal levels that are well connected vertically by a transparent lift. The interior spaces are designed in a way to enhance interaction between users. Offices are located on upper levels and an open plan workhouse is designed in a transparent enclosure on the lower levels where gives visitors a chance to observe company’s production. The entrance is located in the triangle corner of the building, motivates users to enter the building.



The cut-out roof creates a terrace which brings in natural light and air and forms a shared outdoor space for both visitors and employees to have an access to fresh air, interact and accomplish their work. The inclined roof is voided throughout to create a green corridor from ground to roof to create a dynamic space, reduce building temperature and energy consumption. A water tank is also embedded next to the building to collect rainwater which will be used for the irrigation purposes and non-potable uses.



Principal Architects:Lida Almassian・Shahin Heidari

Structural Engineering:Hamed Jeelanei (New Wave Architecture)

Character of Space:Research and office

Client:Turbosealtech Co

Total Floor Area:2,500 ㎡

Site Area:1,500 ㎡

Principal Materials:Glass・Aluminium

Principal Structure:Steel Structure

Location:Pardis, Tehran, Iran

Photos:Parham Taghioff

Collator:Yow-Shiuan Chen

主要建築師:利達・阿爾馬席安 沙辛・海達里

結構工程:哈米德・吉拉尼 (New Wave Architecture)


業主:Turbosealtech 公司

空間總面積:2,500 平方公尺

基地面積:1,500 平方公尺






New Wave Architecture
New Wave Architecture成立於2006年,是一家位於伊朗德黑蘭的150人創新建築設計公司。它在國內和國際上榮獲建築界的著名獎項、出版物、競賽和表彰,在校園和教育學院、專業醫院和醫療保健設施中擁有豐富的經驗。其他專案包括零售設計、住宅工作和娛樂設施。 已設計、完成或即將完成120多個專案。